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help on planning my trip to india depending on the weather

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hello! my name is Shelly,

Im planning on going in march to india for a yoga trip for 4 o5 months, and I wanted to ask you for some advices on which of my 2 opciones are better in terms of the weather.

Plan 1
*march- Mysore, (to practice ashtanga)
*april - Neyyar Dam, near Trivandrum, kerala (Sivananda Yoga Dhanwanthari Ashram)
* may- Dharmasala
* june and july - Rishikesh

Plan 2
*march- Rishikesh
*april - Dharmasala
* may- Neyyar Dam, near Trivandrum, kerala
* june and july - Mysore


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    It depends on your choice of weather -

    May June July are the months of Monsoon in South India, i.e. Trivandrum and Mysore experience Heavy Showers during those months. If you are fine with you can go ahead with your Plan 2.

    Regarding Plan 1, March n April are hot down South. So its better you go with Plan 2 if you are ok with the monsoon. Do post your comments, will be delighted to help you more on this. I am from Bangalore and have been to Kerala and the Northern part as well :)
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