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Weather in Greece in June

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I'm thinking about travelling to Greece in June. There are many websites that give the weather etc but I'd like to hear from someone who has been there and experienced it firsthand. Any tips?


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    It much depends on which island group you are heading for. June is the first month that it gets hot and in southern islands Crete, Rhodes etc you can expect cloudless days and warm nights. In northern islands Corfu, Thassos etc you may get the odd cloud, maybe a shower or two but they pass quickly and hot sun soon dries everything out. Nights may be a little cooler in the north in June but still warm enough to eat outside in comfort. I often go at the end of May, early June to get the best of the spring flowers and good weather. It can get too hot for me July/August. For details on individual islands you can check my site out at or type 'greek islands' in Google - it is usually top.
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