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Yoga retreats

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Can anyone recommend some of the best yoga retreats in the world? I'd love a list of them with info about each so that I can do some educated research.



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    Hi, I don't know about all the world's retreats, but I do know about a fantastic one :)

    Yoga retreat at a little boutique hotel snuggled between the jungle and the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

    Certified yoga instructor and director of YogaYou Teacher Training School in Arkansas, Sharla Holladay will be leading this retreat with Mar y Sol Barquero of Costa Rica.

    Mar y Sol and Sharla will both be offering yoga and meditation classes. Mar y Sol will specialize in optional spa treatments and massages also.

    Fully inclusive retreat; we get you from the airport, pamper you and then take you back to the airport. Saturday to Saturday April 3-10, 2010.

    We include tons of activities and scrumptious and healthy meals, and there are optional activities such as diving that you can choose to make your vacation all your own.

    For more information visit:

    Allow us to pamper you while you deepen your yoga and meditation practice.
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    After I posted I realized that the way I had that link stated it didn't work. Here is a better link

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    I recommend destination yoga which operates out of the UK and uses first-rate teachers. It runs retreats in India and on the coast of Morocco.
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    I heard of some amazing yoga retreats being run off the Irish coast, on these secluded islands. Does anyone have more information on that?
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    The best one is Feathered Pipe.It is one of the ancient yoga retreat centers located in the US.Feathered Pipe offers workshop experiences guided by some of the world’s finest teachers in a relaxed, leisurely, nature-drenched setting.Surrounded by millions of acres of forest and mountains, the Feathered Pipe Foundation hosts summer personal growth and yoga retreats in Montana as well as year-round yoga travel around the world.
    check this link out.
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    Here you can find a list of yoga retreats in wonderfull places:
    This company is specialized in yoga trips around the world with a full contact with nature.
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    Here is an excellent Surf + Yoga retreat coming up May16-25h, 2014 in Nicaragua!

    Beachfront accommodations with A/C, private bath and Wifi,
    all food & drink (vegetarian menu options), full-service transportation,
    twice daily yoga, daily mediation & surf session (photos included), paddle
    boarding, colonial city and volcano tour - lunch included, bi-lingual emergency
    responder guide with opt-in travel insurance, slacklining, fishing, local town
    exploring, hiking and tide pool swimming, town baseball games & volunteering...
    and more!

    As for the yoga… 
    Most of the practice will aim to compliment surfing; the lessons will
    flow through core work, balancing postures as well as deep stretches to restore
    natural alignment.  The instructors
    teach from many traditions and lineages to every type of person.  They instruct a wide spectrum of
    physical and mental yoga including energizing Vinyasa sequences to slow Hatha
    flows.   Their extensive
    anatomical knowledge is key to their message of the physical practice
    (asana).  Most importantly they aim
    to empower people through developing confidence, compassion and the ability to
    relax deeply.  Also integrated into
    their lessons are guided meditation, bandhas and Pranayama (breath exercise). 

    Please use the link below to find out more about your yoga +
    mentors as well as what is included in this retreat.



  • Visit Nelson BC + take in Kootenay Spirit Fest this September!

    Kootenay Spirit Festival is a celebration of yoga, dance, meditation and music held in the natural beauty of Nelson, BC, aspiring to ignite and unite community within this region and beyond.

    This spiritually-charged festival has it all – whether rising early to meditate or dancing late to the beat of world music (or both!). Participants will be inspired by top local and visiting teachers, speakers and musical acts.

    Events are hosted in many eclectic studios, venues and parks of Nelson’s beautiful lakeside, mountain town. Walking and cycling between events is encouraged. Nelson provides an ideal location to celebrate mindful-living, love of nature and engaged community.

    We are thrilled to invite you to the first annual Kootenay Spirit Festival, September 12-14, 2014!

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    Bally Chohan yoga Retreats is a group of experts who are technically trained and are aware of each and every yoga technique.

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