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entry into canada from moscow

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i met a girl on line she lives in moscow i know that i had heard a lot of stories she claims she needs money to show canada customs so she can enter canada she said she just got her visa and wil not be able to enter canada after 17 dec is this true ?


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    Beware of Internet scams. Many unsuspecting do-gooders have been conned in this way. The common trend among internet scammers is to cause victims to fall for them online and to then trick them into sending money abroad so they can meet one another. It's called the Internet Love Scam and hundreds have fallen prey to it.

    If her story is legitimate, I am unsure of the relevance of the 17th December?? This sounds like it may have something to do with the date her visa expires.

    Most countries require visitors with visas to hold sufficient funds for their intended period of stay as well as their onward or return ticket. This is to ensure they do not stay in the country illegally. Failure to produce proof of these can and most often will result in the visitor being deported back to their country of origin.

    For more information on this matter it is best to contact the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada: +1 613 235 4341
    Or the Canadian Embassy in Moscow: +7 495 105 6000

    Best of luck!
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