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How safe would it be for me to visit Lima, Peru this Sept with my husband and two small children?

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I will be going with my Step-grandmother who has family that live in the more poverished area of peru and speaks the language herslf. My children and I are caucasion however and very fair. I have heard stories of kidnapping and holding American's for ransom and I was just curious if this is valid? Has anyone been here recently or know about the safety of traveling here? Thanks for anyone's input.


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    Lima is a safe as you make it. It is a wonderful place where people are mostly friendly and helpful. But you have to remember that you are entering a developing nation / city where hunger & poverty are very common. The wealth & materialism of tourists could be seen by these people as being just as 'wrong' as their crime against tourists. I had my day-pack stolen on a bus between Lima & Pisco. I was in the wrong for not having it on me at all times.....and I realised that whoever took it probably needed it a whole lot more than me.

    Don't listen to the stories about kidnapping and ransom. These things happen to tourists who are travelling alone and who take stupid risks. Always use official taxis from the airport (they cost more, but they are safe). Have all of your gear in the boot (trunk) of the taxi or under your legs, as robberies from taxis stopped at traffic lights are quite common. This goes for all taxi travel in Lima & many other South American cities. If possible stay in Miraflores or San Isidro as these suburbs are safer due to higher police presence because they are the tourist centres of Lima. Miraflores is incredibly beautiful, and you must visit Parque del of the most stunning parks in the world!

    The closer you can stay to the cliffs, the better. The views are stunning and most services, cafes & restaurants are in easy walking distance. Larcomar is an amazing shopping centre built into the cliffs. It has some good cafes, a cinema, restaurants, banks etc, but beware of the prices here as they are extremely inflated for the tourist market. Shop in the main shopping area of Miraflores or in the city centre. Most accommodation in Miraflores or San Isidro will have English-speaking staff. Ask them for advice on taking taxis or combis to get around. They will call a registered, safe taxi for you if you are worried about hailing one on the street. The combis are generally very safe because they are always full of people (watch out for pickpockets though) & they are dirt-cheap. Get advice on going into the city centre...which really must be seen for its amazing squares & cathedrals...and the stunning view of Cerro San Cristobal. If possible go with others or take a guided tour if you are worried about your safety.

    If you take all the necessary precautions, you will love Lima. Try not to look like tourists; keep valuables out of sight; enjoy! I am going back there for a week at the end of March before I return to Cusco for volunteer work. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have more specific questions. I also have stacks of photos & a blog that I can direct you to if you're interested....

    Good luck with your trip

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    If you want more information about the hotels and costs, you can contact a tour operator, I work there and I can help you with any doubt.
    For more details contact me to this adress [email protected]
    Goog luck
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