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Spain: smoking regulations in bars?

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Hi this might be a really silly question but last time i went to spain in 2005 you could still smoke in bars. I'm going to solua in October this year and i'm wondering if you can still smoke in bars? Thanks.


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    Dear Katey: since last year there are new laws in Catalonia reagarding smoking, and now is is not allowed in bars. even the happy hours are not allowed.
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    we have been going out to spain for winter months - south of alicante - and you still can smoke in almost all bars
  • Hi Kayey

    The law in Spain now requires bars to ban smoking or provide a smoking area. There will be signs showing - smoking allowed or no smoking. fumar permite no fumar

    Often terrace bars here in the Canary Islands have little problem and opt to allow smoking as most people sit outside. Some bars and restaurants have separate closed off areas, and some just seem to keep the main door open, and this seems to comply with the law. But basically, smoking is not now allowed in restaurants and bars that are inside. Salou will still be hot and sunny in October, but as the temperature drops after November there until the following May, many bars may be more interior than terrace. I am sure you will find bars that welcome smokers and should have plenty of places with outside tables in October.

    If you plan on a different destination next year, have a think about the Canary Islands as the weather and temperature remain the same for most of the year, so there is no problem for those wanting to smoke in bars and restaurants as they are mostly outside as the temperatures are always mild and there is little rain here. Check out the local website for info and current temperatures and weather -

    Have a great time in Salou.
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    You can smoke in any bar that has a green circle with a cigarrete and a big tick displayed in the window. Bars got to choose if they were going to be smoking or non smoking, but they must display this sign in the window. If they display a big red circle with a cigarrete in the middle, you cannot smoke in the bar.
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    Not for much longer you can't! This information is out of date. For current information see: New total ban to come in during the summer. (thank goodness!)
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    hi, i´m spanish. the law, now, permit that the bar or restaurant show a label on the door where call if is a smoking or don´t smoking place. This summer (2010) the law won´t permit smoking intro all bar and restaurant.
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    Hi. I am living in Mallorca. This is to confirm that the law has already changed and now it is not permited smoking intro all bar and restaurants.
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