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Visa required for entering Canada and Hawaii

edited January 2010 in North America
Dear Friends,

I would like to know reagrding visa permit for entering Canada and Hawaii.
I am Indonesian and I would like to go to Canada and Hawaii for holiday and visiting friends.
Do I need to apply visa for both Canada and US?
Please advice me.
Thanks a lot for your help.



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    Hi - Canada and the USA have different visa requirements and you will need clearance from both. I suggest you get in touch with the respective embassies in your country: Indonesia embassy contacts
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    i want speent holiday in canada, will holiday operator give me a letter to back up my application
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    Dear friends,

    I want to go visit Hawaii for some days from the 20th of September.
    I am Vietnamese and working in Japan.

    How can I apply for the visa and how long does it take for issuing?

    Thanks very much for your help.
    Best regards,
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