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Planning my trip to Mexico

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I am planning a trip to Mexico in March. I have about 12 days and will fly into Mexico City. I would like to pick up a car there and then travel along the Pacific coast heading north from Acapulco -not staying there though.
Could I get as far as Mazatian in this time, bearing in mind I would like to stay a night or 2 in Guadalajara on the way back to Mexico City?
I would like a mixture of good uncrowded beaches to visit and a bit of culture too!
Any advice on places to vi,sit and stay/eat etc would be very welcome together with how long I could stay in any one place.

Many thanks in advance


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    I would like to visit Mexico but I am staying in yangon wich is very far from mexico so I would like to know how can I go to mexico and
    how can I get mexico visa.
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    First of all plan your trip carefully and according to what you can afford. If you decide on taking your car keep in mind that if you are still making payments on it you will need to have written permission from the lender to take it to Mexico and you will have to get extra insurance to take it out of the country. You will also have to have an automobile permit at the border in order to pass it over and have to pay a fee so the Mexican government will allow your car into their country. It is more of a hassle to take a car but it is done all the time. If you keep your car here and you fly you can pay a fee to park it at the airport where it will be safe. The best thing to do as to where to go in Mexico is to consult with a travel agent so you can see where it is safe for you to vacation.
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