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Dual Nationality - SA & UK

edited January 2010 in - Southern Africa
My husband and I are South Africans will shortly qualify for British Naturalisation. We have been considering retaining our SA citizenship and having dual nationality. Are there any benefits to this (apart from travel to and from SA)?


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    Retaining your South African citizenship will make it much easier to move back home once you realise what a cold, damp, cramped and depressing place the UK can be.
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    Unless Britain goes to war against a country you wish to visit, the British passport will get you everywhere easier than a South African passport except when you decide to move back home.....
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    My husband is flying to South Africa,and we intend to submit all our dual citizenship application directly to the South african office ourselves,is it worth it,or will it make the process easier?
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    I was born in SA to Scottish Parents, moved to UK when I was 15 and have lived and worked here since. I have been back a few times, the last time in Oct 09. I entered and left SA on my UK passport as my SA one expired back in 1998 (I have done nothing about renewing it). I am returning in Sept, do I have to enter on a SA passport?
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