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Gorilla trekking in Uganda

edited January 2010 in - East Africa
I'm keen to organise a trip with my partner to go gorilla trekking in Uganda in April this year. Can anyone tell me the name of a good company or tour operator to go through to organise this?

Also, is there a particular time of year that is better than another in terms of seeing the gorillas mating, babies, etc?

Any advice and info on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Tabitha - South Carolina


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    Contact Mihon Destinations Management Ltd,
    Mating and there after gestation period for the Gorrila depend on groups or families rather than seasons.Honestly the pattern (cycle) of reproducing have been affected by human activities. If this is what you want to see, then this can be organized in that tracking a group that has males courting and mothers with young ones.
    Note: This is not guaranteed but it is possible
  • Dear Tabitha

    We can organize for you this safari. we have a sister company in Uganda that we use for Gorilla Trekking.
    Kindly just drop us an email with all your requirements and we will put something together for you. [email protected]


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