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Lake Districs Airport?

We would like to go on vacation to the Lake District in the UK (we're from the US) and need some information on towns and airports. Which is the closest international airport - Manchester or Blackpool? And which is the most developed town, or the capital city if there is one? How far away are the airports from town? Thanks


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    There are flights in to Manchester and Blackpool airports. Blackpool Airport is the closest to the Lake District but there are regular train services from Manchester to Windemere, one of the most popular Lake District towns, which make it a convenient airport to use.
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    Hi Jevan.
    Symone is right about the two airports however Blackpool airport only handles short haul flights. If you intend to make the Lake District your main holiday destination you would be better advised to look for flights to Manchester which is a large and truly international airport with flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia and Sandford. It also has frequent shuttle flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick if you can only get a flight to one of those.
    The Lake District is a truly beautiful part of the country and is one of our National Parks. The Park Authority has an excellent website at
    If you let me know when you are coming and what sort of things you are interested in doing I may be able to advise you further (I used to live close to the Lakes and was and still am a frequent visitor)
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    that was great information tim clark you are the best thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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