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NZ in a motorhome

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While looking for vacation packages for NZ, I saw that you can rent a motorhome for traveling. Is this a popular option when traveling in NZ? I think it sounds great, but not sure if it actually works out. Does anyone have an opinion about it?

If it is a good idea, where are some good places to go? We're thinking of flying into Auckland, staying for 8 days in April. Me and my husband are very adventurous - we love the outdoors and the scenery. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!



  • Hi there

    Yes, travelling in a motorhome is very popular, and gives you plenty of flexibility. If you go to this site you can find the links to the various regional councils and their pages on rules for motorhomes and campervans and places you can park for free etc. Of course you can also park inside holiday parks like the TOP 10 Holiday Park group which is nationwide.

    There are plenty of options for choosing a rental motorhome, including Driftaway Campers, Pacific Horizon, Maui etc.

    Let me know if you need any more help with planning your trip!


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    I'd agree wholeheartedley that motorhoming is a great idea, but I have to say that 8 days is not enough time to really see the best NZ has to offer! With that little time, you're best flying in and out of Christchurch, as 8 days isn't even enough to see the best of the South Island, sadly.

    IMHO, you need a minimum of three weeks and you won't regret a moment of them.
  • I think if they are flying into Auckland and motorhoming, they should probably just stay in the North Island, then come to the South Island for a different trip :)
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    Be aware of a motorhome rental company in New zealand as i have not received my deposit back , as the same company wilderness motorhomes in new zealand own another company called roadcraft and they have gone belly up , so looks like i will be loosing my deposit , does anyone have any info on the receivers of this company
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    I want to travel to NZ late May/ early June for about 3 weeks with wife and 2 boys (10 & 7). We want to rent a motorhome but are unsure if the all inclusive insurance is worth it as it will almost double the rental. Does anyone have any views on this? Is it six of one and half dozen of the other?
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