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japan travel restrictiions or requirements?

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hey i really need to find out if there are any requirements needed to travel from the US to japan. do i need any vaccinations? do i need a visa? are there things i can't bring into the country?


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    Most American can go to any countries in the world without visa (meaning: they will give you a free visa on arrival). Japan is one of them. If you are American, you don't need a visa. When you arrive at the airport in Japan, they will give you 90 days landing permission/temporary stay stamped in your passport. If you are going to stay in Japan less than one month, you don't need vaccinations, but if you are going to stay longer, I recommend you to check with health dept in your area. They'll be able to help you. You need to check with Japan embassy regarding things you can or can't bring into country. That way you have a piece of mind.
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    I am going to Japan for 1 week in March. My passport expires in July. Will this be a problem and should I get my passport renewed before I go?
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    Hi there,
    It is my first time here in World travels ..I just wanted to ask what requirements should i prepare for my travel in japan besides my passport.I enrolled in a volunteer program in Fukuoka,Japan.I came fron Philippines..Do I need to have a visa?Thanks so much.
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    Hi pinay07,

    I am Eros, also from the Philippines but living here in downtown Tokyo.

    You must obtain first a valid visa.

    Visa Category is depends on your purpose and also the requirements.
    The organization who conducting the program should know the processes to permits their volunteer to enter the country.

    Generally you should have the following documents issued within 6 months before the intended date of visa application:

    From invitee person:
    1) Visa Application Form (you may get the form in the Japanese Embassy accredited agency only)
    2) Passport
    3) Pictures
    4) Certificate of Birth NSO SECPA
    5) Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (If you intends to stay longer (more than 1 year) and you don’t need the below documents but the inviting organization must apply the COE for you in Japan Immigration office near by the intended place to stay before hand. It takes 1 month or more (usually less 2 months). )

    From inviting organization:
    1) Organization’s overview
    2) Financial statements
    3) Invitation letter
    4) Reasons / Purposes
    5) Guarantor
    6) Itinerary (it must be detailed)

    You may see our Online Filipino Community In Japan website (
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    Hi! I heard that the best time to go to Japan specifically Tokyo is between April to May? But could you guys give me the exact dates so I can properly plan our trip? Somebody told me that there is also an important holiday during this period. And also, could you give suggestions on which area is the best to stay in so I can easily access all the attraction? Thanks!
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    good morning mam, sir, i just want to ask, thank you. im first time to travel going to japan, i want to visit my friends and relatives in japan... can i go japan? what is the requirements that you need to have? thank you sir, mam, i hope you can help me, i want to stay in japan in 2 months i love japan, i want to go in the beautiful country of of japan... i love the culture of japan... i really love japan... i hope you can help me... thank you for understanding me mam, sir... thank you so much...
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    good morning, sir mam, can i ask something? thank you. this is my first time to go in japan. can i ask what is the requirements do i have? thank you mam, sir... please... thank you for understanding.. thank you so much...
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    hi! I'm mrs. Llave and hopefully i will be having a teacher training there in japan comes October, can you give me some tips on what to prepare for example the clothes needed or some important tips you could give since this is my first time to go the place.

    Thank you.
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    Hi! I'm planning to get to Japan on November, do i need to get a visa? i'll just be there in 4-5 days. I'm starting to secure my passport next week, just want to make sure what are the things that i need to get so that I could fly there as soon as possible. email me pls. [email protected], thanks!
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    hi! i'm ishi from the Philippines...i want to have a one week visit in i still need a visa for that short visit?....please give me the other requirements needed....

    thank you so much...
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    hi! good day!
    im planning to visit japan for 1week, do i still need a visa? thank you....
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    i'm from philippines....
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    Hi.. There am green card holder in U.S , am still Philippines past port holder do I need visa to travel in Japan?
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    To those asking if they need a visa to enter Japan- here's a tip. If you're from the Philippines, just bring your passport and show it to the Japanese authorities and say: "watashiwa baka des" upon arrival in Japan.

    You'll save a of of money on airfare for the return trip back to your country. :)
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    And of course Colonial Mentality is playing a joke... "watashiwa baka desu" translates to "I am a fool"!
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    Hi, i am half korean and half american so i have a U.S passport. i have to go to japan this week but my passport expires next in the next 40days, I an only staying in japan for 3 days, will there be any problem to go to Japan?
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    sorry about my poor english in my last post. i was rushing and i didn't reread my post.
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