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weather in aug in the maldives

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if i was to go the maldives in the wet season, would would a typical day be like weather wise? I am thinking of going August and although i dont mind a tropical downpour, i wouldnt really want to go if it it was usual to tip down all day. can anyone advise me please? would the sea conditions be too rough to enjoy snorkelling and diving then?
thank you anyone who can help!


  • August is a good period for snorkeling and diving...for booking and additional information you may contact at [email protected] and visit
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    Climate in the Maldives is getting harder to predict. I've been in the wet season and had great weather, but have also experienced 3 days of solid rain. Not much fun on a small island where there is nothing to do. The spa gets very busy in bad weather so at the first sign of rain it's a good idea to book a treatment!
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    August is a great time to Visit Maldives, Moreover is is great to visit Maldives anytime of the year. It is hard to predict the weather in Maldives. Though we consider June and July as the most rainy seasons in Maldives all the other months are pretty well we compare to June & July.
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    Maldives is has a great weather all year round... as welcomemaldives said June and July is considered to be the rainy season in Maldives... Furthermore the regular temperature is between 28-32 degrees.
  • Weather in Aug in the Maldives very Rainy and strong winds.daily temprature in aug max 28.c and low 27.c .The Maldives are popular with surfers and windsurfers during augst ,when the turbulent monsoon storms provies some good waves.
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