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Is Bergen in Early May too Early?

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We are considering going to Bergen, Norway in early May. Will things be in bloom? Will the fjords be open enough? Will shops be open (even if on shortened hours)? early May to early for any other reason?



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    Things will usually be in bloom, and the fjords are open, it has to be very cold for them to close... and even then it might not happen. This is not problem we usually think of at all in Norway. I suggest you go so that you will be in Bergen the 17. May, because than you will catch the national day of Norway, which is entertaining, and every foreigner says they love it :) May is usualy a month with great weather in Bergen, (rains alot the rest of the year). And yes, i live i Bergen. :)
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    Hi - its also worth checking out the Word Travels travel guide to Bergen. Enjoy!
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    Thank you for your replies!

    How early in the year does Spring begin to show? In Bergen, and up the coast?
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    I was there in May 2009 and it was beautiful - everything seemed open (though I think some of the ferries run more services in peak summer), lots of greenery, but snow in the hills and the days were long. Gets cold in the evening though.
    Only other comment is I went there looking for fjords, and ending up moving directly on to Flam, which is a better base for these, with nice walks. And a stunning train ride to Oslo.
    I was also there for the national day, and that's really good value; national dress and parades in pretty much every little town. Everything's closed though.
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    I live in Bergen and it all depends really. But it's normally quite beautiful in may. And if you're here on the 17th of may you'll get to see loads of people dressed in the Norwegian national costume! My advise is to travel further north, maybe to Vester
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