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Safety in Johannesburg for the World Cup

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Hi - we are going to Johannesburg for the 2010 world cup, what is safety in Johannesburg like? Is there a chance of being mugged, or worse..... I have just watched a documentary on BBC1 saying people are getting bullet -proof jackets for their trip. Surely its not that bad - I know plenty of people who have been on holiday to South Africa and they did not mention the safety in Johannesburg, although I think they were mostly in Cape Town and on safari. Advice please!! M
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    I am a Jo'Burger lving in the UK but go to SA lots because of family and friends. Johannesburg has a high crime rate and of course it is legal for South Africans to carry Licensed guns. But if you don't behave carelessly you will be fine: Don't go out walking in a quiet area alone at night, don't flash the cash and don't start with dodgy looking people. South Africans are utterly charming and warm and sooooo hospitable it will knock your socks off, but they expect like behaviour and can be very aggressive if they perceive you as rude and do not back down. Bascially use your common sense and you will be fine. PS Crime rate in CApe Town as bad if not worse than JHB. Have fun! PPSIf you wear kevlar in public you will sweat and get laughed at!
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    I agree with most of Tali's comments, but Cape Town's crime rate is nothing like that of Johannesburg. Still the same rules apply but most of those statistics you read about comes from Gauteng and the JHB area. Like most news on BBC1 its opinionated and a lot of time just plain wrong, so leave your kevlar jacket at home, unless you want to try it out and pick a fight.
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    I've visited some dodgy cities in my life, and walked alone around at night, which does expose one danger. I've always found a sense of security in simply having nothing worth stealing. I always the cash or credit card I'll need and all valuables and documents are locked in the hotel. The other tip to staying safe in Cape town or Joburg is to avoid walking around and getting lost when drunk. That's pretty much a mugger's dream target. So my advice to visitors: leave the expensive watches and iphones at the hotel or back at home, and you'll feel a lot safer walking the streets...
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    why does everyone always think johannesburg is a bad place? No matter where you are in the world you COULD get mugged - Johannesburg is not the worst place on earth to go to. On the contrary, JHB has some of the most intersting historical sites and things to do than any place in Africa. When you get to any city you will be warned not to go to certain suburbs, so if you really want to get a local mugging then block your ears when you're told these warnings.
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    I'm currently visiting joburg to work for a customer of my company here. I was on many places in the world and I'm no coward - but I feel very very uncomfortable here! I'm living in Sandton which is one of the better places - but anyway I didnt like to walk on the streets either when its dark (after 6pm) or when I'm alone.
    You have to be carfully and its not nice to stay here - no matter how nice the city itself is. How would you enjoy it if you cannot unpack your camera?
    Type in google "mugged in johannesburg" - than you will know
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    If you go somewhere paronia you will encounter that. Joberg is no worse than prbably where you live. Things happen all the time everyplace in the world. Some people go with attitudes and predjudices. I was there 3 weeks and never had an issue. i dealt with people with respect but if you donot observe regular practices as you would on any vaccation, you should be ok. If something happens to you during World Cup, there are so many people going to be there, how will you know if it was a South African or tourist.
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    yes south africa is great country to go to and even more beautiful when hosting the fifa world cup 2010 and to find cheap fights for travelling and luxury hotels that that point of time is very difficult job but if u want can go trough the website and find great packages oe capetown and johhanesburg.

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    South Africa is a developing country and crime does exist. We advise you to take special precautions to ensure you have a safe trip. Our self defense kits is the legal way of defending yourself in South Africa. We as a Security company understand that you would like to feel safe. Just as we would like to ensure your safety and security in South Africa we also keep those in need safe, therefore once you return back home after the world cup we donate your self defense kit to woman in need of it. (read more)

    Before you travel to South Africa ensure you have ordered your safety pack from Adonai Security. Click Buy now and get your self defense kit online and have it delivered to your hotel in South Africa.
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    I will send you a free safety guide for the South African tourist. This guide is US$29.00 yet we will give you and all your friends a free copy.

    Visit and get in contact.
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    Hey Matthieu, glad you're coming to visit our wonderful country! There's a lot of good, sensible advice from others here - and that's what should prevail ie good common sense and realism. We've put together a practical guide on travel safety in South Africa - which is probably just as relevant for anywhere in the world - but it's written from 13 years' hands-on experience in keeping travellers safe in 'big, bad' Johannesburg - hope it helps ;-) And above all, enjoy!
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    Your best bet is to ask a South African to take you around ... there are many of us willing to help.
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    Well now-a-days the world the sense of security can be felt anywhere in the world as the rate of terrorism is getting increase day by day. However, if we talk about Johannesburg, then yes it has a high rate of Crime Street. Listen don’t keep huge amount of money in your pocket but if have then always keep it in zip pockets. Yes avoid going to isolated places no matter its day or night. Foreigners are perceived rich so thieve and robbers are expected to steal or snatch expensive things. Well i don’t know about BBC report but its accurate then do use bullet proof.
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    What utter bollocks - no-one walks around with a bulletproof vest, that's just ridiculous. Visitors and soccer fans will be very well looked after as police resources are focused squarely around stadia and tourist facilities. Its the ordinary home owners in the suburbs that are going to feel the crime as police are not available to patrol.
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    Hi Mathieu, I have been coming to South Africa from England for many years.
    There are many security issues but generally if you are careful you can enjoy both the place and the people.
    Always try and do things with the locals who know their way around.
    If you want an in depth article, 22 pages, I have put together something to make people aware of the risks there are and how to avoid them.
    +447714235021 - text only with your email details and i will send it free.
    Enjoy your stay!
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    We are a mixed race (black, white, and adult kids who are in-between) US family traveling to Jo'burg in summer, 2011. We are told that our mixed race status may cause some issues (place to stay, restaurants, moving around). Is there any truth to this?
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