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Is it warm enough to swim in the pool in Cyprus mid April?

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Has anyone been to Cyprus in April - is it warm enough for children to swim in an outside pool?
I would love to know!


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    Not really. My folks have a house/pool in Cyprus and at that time of the year it will be pretty chilly but kids being kids once they are in they'll soon get used to it.

    Same thing for us really as we used to go out in Sept/Oct too and by the start of Oct even though the temp are still hot for us Brits the pool is FREEZING.

    Hope this helps

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    We are going to Larnaca in March and thought the weather would be fine for swimming in the sea and the resort swim pool. Now we will have to re-think our plans and hire a car & go sightseeing instead. Anyone know of a good car hire people in Larnaca? Email me at [email protected] Thanks.
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