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I want togo to Gambia for a year to visit my husband, if I get a oneway ticket will they allow me in

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If I dont know when Im returning to uk how can I book a return flight?


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    You will not be allowed into Gambia without a return ticket, you can just get a cheap holiday and not get on the return flight back, you will have to go the the local police station each 28 days to have your passport stamped or you wont be allowed out of the airport on your way home. This is quite painless and only costs around 250 dalasi (fiver), we get our Gambian partner to go for us, but be careful cos you have to take your passports or give them to your representative.
    As for booking a return flight, the best option is to go see Thomas Cook whist you are there, the return flight will cost you around £300, £400 from Gambian Experience but as long as you get your passport stamped each 28 days you will be ok.
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