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Working in Angola

I am from South Africa, and its my husband's first time in another country. He already had all his injections and tablets. He is leaving SA on 6 Feb to attend to a work contract in Huambo. About 600km's from Luanda. My biggest problem is: WHAT DO I PACK? Food? How much money? etc. If you can help me I would be in debt to you for always!


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    Hi - it may be worth looking at our expat guide to Angola expat guide to Angola and posting a forum post there.
    Best, Tom
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  • Hi , well al depend if he is going to be based in the town or in the bush ? And for how long ? It is advisable to take U$ with and he can change the US Kwanzas at the banks there,usualy you get a better rate on the street. Food is available but a bit more expensive than in SA. He must always have his passport on him as the police do ask for your passport. You are welcome to contact me should you have more questions.
  • Thank you Foxtrot Tours for the reply. So many questions, so little time. My husband is leaving on Saturday 6 February. I am not sure where they are staying. Do you perhaps by any chance know Huambo? About 600kms from Luanda. They will be busy there for 2/3 months erecting a shopping centre. He went for his shots last week, so there he is pretty covered. Please help me with this questions:-

    1. Can I exchange US dollars in South Africa at a Foreign Exchange?
    2. How it the signal for cellphone use?
    3. May he take food over the boarder?
    4. How is the weather in Feb/March/April this time of year?
    5. Can he take his bank card? OTM availability?

    Appreciate your help. Regards.
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