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Visa requirements for Ukrainian passport holders

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I am British living in Germany and my girlfriend is Ukrainian living in Ukraine. We want to visit Djerba but have been told if she travels on a package holiday and hotels prepaid her entry to Tunisia is OK. The problem is rather complicated because she would be flying directly from Kiev to Tunisia, so the "package" aspect is not applicable, as I would be making the hotel bookings from UK (including my flight), and she will be flying into Tunisia on a flight-only basis.Has anyone experienced a similar problem and if so how did you get round this. Or can anyone kindly advise me the best way to do this. I was told by the Tunisian UK embassy for her to ask the Embassy in Kiev, but she lives many hundreds of kilomers away from Kiev, so she can't just "pop-in" to the local embassy there to apply for a visa. So it would be obviously more convenient if she could just fly to Tunisia and get her visa on entry. Many Thanks for any advice on this sticky problem. Best Wishes, Peter


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    Peter, I can't offer you any alternatives. Your g/f needs a pre-arrival visa and I don't know how else she can not apply unless she is on a package. She can apply on line to the Embassy in Kiev and send her documents via secure mail. She will not be given her visa on arrival - sorry!
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    That's one of the punishments for being a Soviet
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    Thanks both for your advice and comments. Yes this diplomacy thing is throttling if one has the misfortune to be born in the East.
    Cheers, Peter
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