best time to go to Tunisia?



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    Laura - I can't say that I've actually ever seen a wasp in Tunisia but I guess that summer would be the months that they would be more active as in the rest of the world.

    NB - Laura I have to take back the above. I have just seen a wasp here in the north of Tunisia and we are heading into the warm weather. But as I said, we very rarely see them but I didn't want to mislead you.
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    Salam Guys, I hope you can help me...
    Me and my wife are travelling to PEK Hotel Riu Green Park end of March. I'm hoping you can advise me where best to shop and what the current exchange rate is for GBP??
    We are also looking to do some outdoor activities, would this be possible so early in the year? and which are the activities you would advise?
    Finally is all the food served halal? we want to eat out instead of at the hotel where would you suggest is best??

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    Hi my husband and I are visiting Tune in mid Sept and we wondered what the weather may be like this time of year ????
    Also could you reccomened some day trips/activities....???
    Also what is best for currency Ie: to take GBP and exchange there ?????????
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    Hi Naz,

    All the food served in Tunisia is halal so you can eat anywhere with confidence. The shopping in PEK can be a bit more expensive than other areas as it is a purpose built tourist area. However, you can get to Hammamet and Sousse very easily by louage or taxi and wander in the medina and souq where you will find lots of stalls and shops and better prices.

    There are many outdoor activities and it really depends on what your interests are. It is getting warm here now so you can even think that perhaps you can take a swim, paragliding etc.

    If you want to venture further then I can suggest perhaps a trip to the Sahara, Tataouine and Matmata (where Star wars was filmed) and a day to discover the beautiful old city of Tunis our capital.

    I can't tell you what the exchange rate is but a good site to see this daily is:

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday
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    Hollyhock - good time to come! September is just starting to lose the sting of the August weather and you can get around more easily. Of course it is still hot so you can still swim and have all those outdoor activities.

    You can bring GBP and exchange at a bank where you will get close to the true rate. You can't buy Tunisian Dinar (TD) outside Tunisia and don't take any back home with you as no-one will exchange it for you. Also something that many tourists don't know is that duty free in Tunisia only accepts foreign currency!!

    If you look at some of my previous posts and even the one above, you will see that I suggest many day trips and tours and cities to visit. I am sure that will help you.

    Have a wonderful holiday
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    Kirsty - it is hot, hotter and hotter! July and August are the hottest months here so be prepared!!
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    My fiance and I are travelling to Mahdia in 11 days for our honeymoon. Can you advise what the weather is like there now?
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    hello lesley.
    My Fiance and I have just booked our Honeymoon to Port El Kantaoui for 10 nights in October. I was wondering if you could give us a guide on what the weather might be like around that time and also what type of excursions are worth while. We are keen to see traditional Tunisia culture and would like to know what sort of things we may expect.
    Also, would there be any issues with alcohol around Ramadan?
    Many thanks
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    Mabrouk Joanne - I hope you have a wonderful wedding. Mahdia is so beautiful and you will really love it there. the weather is starting to become warmer but not hot yet and the nights are still quite cool.

    I wish for you a wonderful honeymoon
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    LDP - Mabrouk to you! You will be here in October so you will miss Ramadan. It is from approx 10 August to 10 September so no need to worry about anything. PEK is very beautiful with a lovely marina area with loads of cafes and restaurants and very nice to wander around.

    there is so much to do here and your hotel will be able to organise day tours for you - it is a very good way to see a little of our country. Try to go to Tunis our capital for the day. Wander around the old city and the souq (it's beautiful). If museums interest you, then the Bardo in Tunis is wonderful. Perhaps you can go for the day to Sousse which is quite a lively city and has good shopping. Also a day tour to Tataouine or Matmata to see the Berbere caves is a good experience and you can also be invited into the houses to see how the people lived (and still do).

    I hope you have a wonderful time here
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    I am travelling to tunisia in early june with my partner and 2 children age 9 and 4 we have booked to stay in skanes at the caribbean world resort however i am really concerned as i have read reviews that this hotel is awfull and no good for brittish people is this true i have been to tunisia before i stayed in hammamet at the les oranges and fell in love with the country so am hopeing these reviews are not correct please put my mind at ease xx
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    zoescot - Skanes is a very quiet area and I'm not sure what it means that the hotel is no good for British people. We don't serve bacon or pork here so maybe that's why? I haven't seen the bad reveiws but if you feel concerned then perhaps you can change your hotel. I can't recommend hotels as they change constantly, being updated and renewed during winter for the summer period. I can ask around but I don't always believe the bad reviews, it always depends on people's expectations doesn't it. One thing is for sure, we do not follow the European star rating and a 4* here is probably equivalent to a 2/3* in Europe. Hope that helps
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    Hello Lesley, you are amazing; your guides are very helpful. I am travelling to Tunisia with my girlfriend on 04-11-10 for 7 nights and i'd be staying at yasmine Hammamet. its unfortunate that i just discovered this forum but i was wondering if you can give us any last minute guide to things we could do in April and get the most of our 7 night vacation. Also what how do you suggest we handle the issue of marriage certificate if we are asked? There seem to be concerns for women's dressing; what are the DO'S and DON'T for men in regards to dressing.
    Thanks you for your time; you are our hero!
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    Hi Derums - well thank you so much for your kind words and you've found us now!! Firstly in regard to the marriage certificate just tell them you didn't know you had to bring it with you. this usually works and I doubt even that you will be asked. Yasmine Hammamet is very beautiful and a walk around the marina with it's great bars and restaurants is lovely. It is a purpose built tourist area but if you want something more lively try going into Hammamet for the day. Even though it is still touristique is has a nice medina and some interesting sites to see. Also you could try for a day in the capital Tunis - go to the old city as it is very beautiful and the souq is great to wander around. Sousse is also within striking distance of you and this is an ancient city originally founded by the Phoenicians and little known this is where Hannibal had his base against the Romans so you can see the fort, the walled medina and lovely ancient buildings.

    Try some of our food especially couscous which is great and is cooked with either fish/chicken/meat or vegetables! Watch out for harissa, it's a staple here made from very hot red chillies and spices, we don't go a day without it! Also the fish here in Tunisia is fantastic - usually very fresh and cooked very simply on either the grill or in oil and usually served with pomme frites (french fries). It's delicious and if you want to give a compliment tell the chef beneen barcha barcha (very, very delicious)

    Tunisia is not an ultra-conservative Islamic country but in regard to the ladies clothing I always advise modesty. You will see foreigners dressed or maybe I should say undressed to varying degrees but if you want good interaction with the locals modesty wins out. Always cover the shoulders and upper arms and longer skirts or jeans/pants are fine. Young Tunisian ladies tend to wear western style clothing but never showing legs or chest! They do wear jeans etc. but they deal with the society everyday and know what they can and can't do. You men can really do as you wish but you will very rarely see local guys in shorts!

    I hope you will have a wonderful holiday (I'm sorry but it is still cool here) and i am sure that you will want to come back - I hope so
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    hi there Lesley,
    Hope you are well.
    My family & I are hoping to visit Tunisia in the 1st 2 weeks of June this year, and though the general advice in websites seems to be that June is borderline OK but can start to get really hot (up to 40deg??). I was hoping that you could shed some light on how the weather in 2010 is like, since most parts of the world are experiencing unusually cool weather! So if we are keen to see bits of the Sahara on the same trip, should we take a chance to come over in June or should we wait for cooler months (tolerance up to 27degC)?
    Also can you suggest a website or resource that susses out the better boutique style hotels or family run type B&B (ie smaller establishments with character)?
    Thanks much!
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    Hi Aud - oh how I wish I could predict the weather!! I can tell you that it does get hot in June but the hottest months here are July and August - but, the Sahara will be extremely hot and if your tolerance is only 27c then I suggest you wait until Sep/Oct or come in May. We are only a small country but have very differing climate regions. I live in the north and it is still quite cool with cold nights, windy and we have had rain. the south is starting to get hot but still with cold nights and even there has been some rain on the edges of the sand, so you can see that it is hard to predict.

    There are not loads of boutique type hotels here and very few B.B. but a couple of websites that you could check are: and

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help but I think coming in the early part of June should be ok for you heat wise............can't promise though.
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    Hi Lesley.
    My husband and I are travelling to Tunisia in November. We will be staying at the new hotel Rui Hammamet Marhaba. Just wondered if you know anything about this hotel?
    Also wondered what the weather is like in early November?
    Having read all your positive comments I am really looking forward to this holiday, it's our first holiday on our own without our 4 children in 20 years!!

    Many thanks
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    Hi Sharon - Well, I am so glad that you have picked Tunisia for your first kid free holiday!! November is quite a nice time to visit. It is not hot but the days can be sunny even though a little cool and the nights can be 'snuggly'. I don't know anything about the hotel but given that it is new I would say it is going to be very nice. I'm guessing that it's in Hammamet? This is a very nice area with lots to see and do.

    Wishes for a truly wonderful holiday
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    Hi Lesley,

    We are going to Hammamet for 10 days on 21 April 2011, just wondering if it will be good weather then? we like to go to the beach and are hoping it will be warm enough to sit on the beach at that time?

    Thank you,
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    Hi PrincessLia,

    Welcome to Tunisia. In April the weather is starting to get warmer, it is spring and it should be nice to sit on the beach but the water will still be cold but maybe you can brave the sea for a quick dip. the mornings and nights will be quite cool so it is best to bring a wrap or jacket for those times.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation in Hammamet
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    Hi, my boyfriend and I are thinking of going to Tunisia in June. Most of the deals we have seen so far are All Inclusive which I'm not too keen on, but I'm worried this means it's hard to find places to eat/drink out. Can you recommend an area or town where the hotels are likely to be in walking distance of a town for eating out and generally looking around? I assume from previous posts that it wouldn't be too expensive at least. Also, how strict is the attitude to alcohol? Is it acceptable to go out for drinks (not a wild night out, just a bottle of wine or too and a chat)?

    Thanks very much for any light you can shed on this :)
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    hi Lesley,

    how is the situation in Tunisia at the moment? do you think it will be safe to come there in April? Will Hammammet be ok by then? I've been hearing about a lot of violence and unrest on the news about Tunisia at the moment, so hoping it will be fine by April, especially Hammammet?

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    Hochy - I have never stayed at the Sahara Beach hotel but it should be fine. April is a good time to visit Tunisia as it is not yet very hot. You will find Monastir warm during the day but the nights still quite cool so make sure you have a jacket for the evenings. Tunisia is a wonderful country, even given the problems we have at the moment. The people are warm and friendly and will welcome you as I do.

    It will be everything you have dreamed of and I wish you a wonderful vacation
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    princess Lia - we are having a revolution and all that goes with it!! Right now the situation is politically volatile however, it is starting to calm down and the next few days/weeks with the new government in place should see how Tunisie will pan out. My advice is to watch the news, look for updates and make your decision then. Hammamet is a very touristique area and is usually very safe for foreigners. However, majority of foreigners have left the country for the time being. I too hope that it will return to normal very soon and the peace and calm that we value here.
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    Hi Lou - the all inclusive is basically aimed at British tourists who seem to like that sort of thing but you can just take bed and breakfast. There are heaps of cafes/restaurants/bars in our touristique areas so don't worry, plenty to eat and drink and for foreigners, very cheap. Some of the areas that are popular are: Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir and my personal favourite Nabeul, all on the coast and beach and with interesting old cities to wander. You can go out for a night to have a bottle or two of something, this is not a problem for you here. Although alcohol can be quite expensive. We do have a local wine producer but I can't tell you if it's good or not LOL!!

    I do hope you will come and enjoy Tunisia
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    Hi my partner and I are staying at the El Hana Palace, in Port El Kantaoui late in April. Is it a good hotel? And will it be warm? Im a bit concerned now about unmarried couples, were in our 50's, will we be asked?.... One more question if you dont mind, how can I get the email address for the hotel?
    Thank you
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    Hello Lesley -
    you're a wonder. I've been reading through all the previous messages and can see that you've answered all the questions I was going to ask already!
    It will be my first visit to 'Tune' at the end of March - for my honeymoon!
    It seems like you live in a beautiful country, I'm really happy that your people have made their voices heard and it came out quite peacefully, can't wait to visit.
    All the best
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    Lapluzi - the El Hana in PEK is a good hotel but please take my advice and contact them to ensure that they are open. Many of the hotels have closed and it is always wise to check. A search on the internet should yield their details as I don't have them to hand. The weather will be warm at the end of April, it is spring and a very nice time to visit Tunisia. You will not be asked your marital status I am sure. PEK is a purpose built tourist area and so everyone is fairly used to this situation.

    I do hope you will enjoy your vacation
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