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Canadian passport holder working on L1B in States going to Asia for vacation

edited January 2010 in Visa and Passport

Hopefully, I'm posting in the correct section and it would great if someone who is knowledgeable can reply ASAP as I'm travelling in 5 days! Yikes!

I'm a Canadian currently working in the States on a L1b work visa. An epiphany came to me this morning to check my passport and lo and behold, it is expiring in Jul 10, 2010!! That's less than 5 months from my date of travel Feb 4 to Feb 16, 2010!

My work visa expires in October of 2011.

As previously stated, I'm travelling out of the US to Asia on February 4! I couldn't find anyone else who is in the same situation as I, namely, I have a work visa, but living in the States, but has a foreign passport that will expire in less than 6 months. I'm not sure if US is a country that has strict policy of 3 months or 6 months, meaning would I not be able to re-enter into the States? (I'm not worried about the country of destination, just returning).

And if it's 6 months, would it matter at all if I have a valid work visa or am I royally F'd!?

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