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Living as an unmarried (American) couple in Morocco

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Hello everyone- I have a question about traveling in Morocco. My girlfriend and I would like to go live there for several months, or possibly longer, depending on whether we can find work and get Visas. We are wondering if it will be difficult for us to find housing together (a rented apartment) as an unmarried couple. We are both Americans and Caucasian, and we are 22-23 years old. Do you think we will have difficulties finding a place to live because we are not married? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! - Mike


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    The only time a problem is likely to arise is when one of the couple is Moroccan and the other is not; the practice of sharing an apartment or room is not permitted under any circumstances (well, almost).
    Non-Moroccans sharing rooms, married or not, is not a problem and no hotel or other accommodation will turn you away.
    Not sure the work idea is a good one unless you are prepared to live on a Moroccan salary, or close to, as these are very low.
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