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Traveling from Johannesburg to Capetown

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My husband and I are traveling to johannesburg Feb 23rd for the first time. After 4 days in johannesburg we are looking to travel to cape town on Feb 27th and then fly home to California March 1st.
Can anyone tell me if there are any alternatives to flying from johannesburg to Cape Town? The cost is unbelievable from johannesburg to Cape Town for only a few hour flight. We are on a budget.
Also we need suggestions for an afforadable place to stay- we also need a tour guide any suggestions as well in johannesburg?


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    chabliem - yes there are other options from Joburg to Cape Town, although I am surprised you found the flights expensive. One way on Kulula or 1-time is about R800 p/person ($100) maximum - maybe even less if you fly at a inconvenient time.
    Other ways to get down to Cape Town: Greyhound, Intercape are about R400 or so, the train is 24 hours and scenic, costing from R700 for 2nd class.
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    Yeah, the flights are the cheapest way down to Cape Town. also try - you should be able to get a flight for R700-800 one way. Don't book via a travel agent. Do it online yourself. ITs a eTicket system. As per the above, is also very good and cheap. Trust me, renting a car is expensive, the bus is long and uncomfortable, althoguh the night sleeper is ok if you can sleep through all the interuptions of stopping in eveyr crappy little town aliong the way. Hitching is out - too dangerous. TRain takes over 24 hours but in 1st class is very nice ride with good food and scenery. Costs over R1000 though and you musdt book waaaay in advance.
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    Unfortunately the costs during SWC have soared - much to the digust of the locals. An article highlighting just how bad it is ( has really stirred things up a bit. There is currently an investigation underway for price fixing amongst the airlines, possible some improvement will happen. Its a shame but there you go. Driving is certainly also an option.
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    I am so thankful for all the advice given, we now know our options.
    Can anyone tell me if there is guide that would show us through the city? Not just the pretty part of JBerg but the low income area as well. We are thinking of relocating and we want to help in an area that is in need. If anyone can recommend someone please let me know.
    God Bless You
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