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New Zealander in UK on partner ancestory visa, but she's now gone back to NZ?

edited February 2010 in Australasia
I have been with my partner from NZ for two years and he has an ancestory visa, I'm a british citizen. However, the visa states 'to accompany partner', as he came to the UK with his NZ girlfriend, who's grandparents were from the UK. She was here for 6 months, then left to go back to NZ. My partner decided to stay and already had a job, flat etc and didn't think anything of it. We visited a European country for work and when he came through passport control he was asked where his partner was (as we then found out he's suposed to accompnay her). He said she was at home, suddenly cottoned on to what was happening and said it was a work trip and she's here in the UK. Now we think his visa isn't valid, as he can only be in the UK with his ex? We have been together for two years and living together for 20 months. Can anyone help as we don't want to be seperated or for him to be sent home! Can he swap his visa here in the UK to a different one or will he be sent home and have to reapply from NZ?
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