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cost for visa to England

edited February 2010 in - West Africa
hi there I have started talking to a girl from Ghana, Accra. we are getting on fine and I have mentioned about the possibility of me going there or for her to come to me.
I know about the scams, that is why I am being caucious and trying to find out all i can first.
does any one know what is needed for her to travel: visa, passport and any thing else that might be required and how much they cost.
also if I was to travel there what might it cost me and do i need visa jabs or any thing else.
also is there a website specifically that talk's about this.
cheers paul


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    Ghana citizens need a visa and passport for the UK. There are also other requirements, like public funds, which prove you can support yourself during your visiting period.
    See more here:
    Good luck!
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    As David F has pointed you to the right link it will be very usefull to have a contact name and address of someone in the UK. Have you ever though of going there yourself? I have done this few a times for client in the past. We make sure you have one of our staff available at the first meeting, and collect infomations from the girl for your own safety.
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