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tourist visa for Thailand

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Hello to everyone!

I am hoping to get some information regarding visa for Thailand.
Well, I am an Irish citizen. I am planning to spend around 3 months travelling around in Thailand. So, I would like to buy a return ticket with a return flight in a 3-month period from my initial arrival to Thailand.

What type of tourist visa do I need?

What if I get a single entry tourist visa, stay for no more than 60 days, go to Malaysia for a day and come back to Thailand for another 29 days or so??? (As Irish do not need a visa when they travel for up to 30 days). Or do I still have to apply for a double entry tourist visa in this case? Will it matter with the ticket at first when I arrive to Thailand while crossing the board?

Any answers will be much appreciated!!!


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    We arrived in Thailand on 8 December. You get a 30 visa on arrival, when that expires you have to leave the country. If you fly back you get another 30 day visa, if you come in overland you only get 15 days.
    Contact the Thai Embassy to request a visa before you enter Thailand, it will save you alot of hassle.
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    Just got back from Thailand this week and I also travel on a Irish passport. As cabbing says you can get 15 or 30 day visas depending on your entry point. My concern is that they are getting pretty tight on visas and I am fairly sure that there is a limit to the number of days you can spend in Thailand in any 90 day period!! I am heading back next week so will look for the sign again stating how many days that is.....
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