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Suggested itinerary for Peru

I'm traveling to Peru June 2010 and trying to work out my itinerary. I'd like to get information regarding the following: 1) cheap travel on the Amazon River, 2) Machu Picchu, 3) Nazca Lines, 4) Sacred Valley. Anything information that would be cost effective and any information regarding best way to see the aforementioned would be appreciated.


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    It seems everything you are looking for is part of our Peru itinerary posted online at

    This itinerary is available for a minimum of two passengers or you can join a guaranteed departure date that includes up to 12 passengers (that is often a bit more cost-effective).

    This itinerary is also flexible, depending on the dates selected, so that you can deviate to go to Nazca Desert towards the end of the trip.

    Please review our itinerary and reply through the website if you are interested in researching dates/rates/availability for a particular time frame.

    Thank you!

    Lilliam Larsen/General Manager
    Monarch Tours
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