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Passport requirements for Spain?

edited February 2010 in - Spain and Portugal
Hi, i am going to spain on a golfing weekend 25th Feb Returning on the 1st March. My current UK passport expires on the 8th March.
Is it true that you need three months remaining on your passport?


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    Hi, I spoke to the foreign office the other day as I will only have one day left on my passport after I am due to return. The advised that Spain has no limitations regarding passport time and the only problem is if there is a delay that may keep you in the country after your passport expires.
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    My passport runns out on the 1st August this year but in traveling on 19th March till the 21st March to Mallorca will i still be ok to travel.
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    My UK British citizen passport expires 11 January 2011. I wish to visit Spain from June16 to June 29 2010. Will my passport be OK?
    Does Spain still require Advanced Passenger Information?
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    I am worrying about my passport aswell. I am going to malaga on 7th of May till the 11th for a wedding and my passport is out of date in June. I rang the Spanish Embassy in Dublin and they had a recorded message saying you do not need 3 months validity on your passport, it just has to be in date until the day you leave so i think i should be ok. I jst hope I will because I've left it a bit late now to get a new passport!! I should really just trust the recorded message but I am still worrying!!!! Anyone any comments?
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    I have got certificate of travel from home office and I would like to go to spain for holiday. I want to know can I go there with my document or not?
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