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6 days to see Italy in April

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My wife and I have visited Rome, 2 years ago, and really enjoyed the expereince. We want to see some other areas of the Italy, we like cultural, church, and sight seeing as well as carefree dining. We did a do it yourself car tour in Ireland last year and really enjoyed the ability to see the countryside. Does Italy lend itself to this type expereince, staying at B&B's, etc. Mt wife's family is from Compobasso (Near Naples) so that would be fun to incorporate during our April 5-11 trip. Any thoughts or suggestions (rail vs car) places to visit?


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    assuming that you just have 6 days to spend, and that it would be a waste of time driving all along Italy, I think the best way is to visit the central regions of Italy, and all the trasures that Umbria Region can offer.

    (by the way, Campobasso is not so close to Naples...)

    So, for cultural trip, I suggest you to visit these cities:
    Assisi - the town of San Francesco, rich in churches and medioeval paints
    Perugia - very nice city!
    Spoleto - fantastic cathedral

    then you can move to Abruzzo, while going to Campobasso, and visit L'Aquila

    coming back, you can spend 1 day in the south of Lazio, near the sea: Sperlonga could be a good choice

    If you want to stay in B&Bs, pay a visit to to make the reservations

    enjoy your trip!
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    My daughter and son in law are travelling to Italy in April. It will be my husbands first trip to Europe.
    We would like to spend time in Rome of course. Also Sorrento and Capri. My husband LOVES to fish and we were wondering if there would be any areas where he could possibly go fishing one day.
    Are the Italian Alps out of the question? Our stay will only be 6 days.
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    My wife and I have now settled on traveling to Italy by flying into Milan on April 3 and flying back to Us on April 11.

    We plan on trying to visit Lake Como (any suggestions on place to stay or what to see), then make our way to Tuscany, by stopping in Florence, Pisa and then some places in Tuscany area before heading back to Milan for two days before flying out.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this proposed itenerrary?
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    Why not try flying out of Venice instead since you will have already "seen" Milan. We were there in May/June and flew into Milan, took a train to Venice for 2 days, train to Florence and rented a car to stay in the Tuscany countryside for a week where we visited several of the wonderful walled cities, then took a train into Rome for 2 days. I will tell you, it was not quite enough time in ANY of the much to see and take in and just enjoy!
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    I've been to northern Italy 3 times in the last 4 need more time! All the above mentioned are great, Volterra and San Gimigano (sp) are also worth it but only one of them. Get your hotel to get your ticket to see David to avoid the line. I stayed at the Hotel Casci in Florence, 3 blocks from David and about 6 from the Domo. Pisa is the tower and church, I'd skip it. Cinque Terra, either by the local train between villages or by the trail is my favorite. Where ever you go you can't go wrong.
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    I am traveling in early April for 10 days to Italy. I do not have an itinerary yet, Could anyone suggest some ideas. I was thinking of flying into Rome and going from there, and probably back out of Rome, but the latter is not set yet. Very open to any ideas.
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    what are the best places to travel to italy?
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    The fabulous south. Took train to Casserta, then changed for 4hr trip to Ostuni. Need then to hire car, which we took to San Sabina (nothing much there, except Oasi di Mezzaluna - resort type accom. very reasonable price)But surrounding area fabulous - so much history!
    Ostuni the white city just amazing. The stark whiteness, vibrating in the sun.
    Alberobello - the famous trulli town - a must see! UNESCO world heritage.and an area filled with history, grottos, churches, frescos andmore.
    The friendliness of the people outstandingly different from the north. Food really good and different.
    We continued up to l'Abruzzo and the beautiful town of Sulmona. My husband fell in love with the passagiata- we are going back shortly, but want to see Sicily (Syracuse) this time. Maybe even the Aeolian Islands.
    All these places can be checked on the net.
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    Me and my husband are planning to travel in April to Italy.Can anyone help us what are the best places we can visit in 4-5 days trip?As we will be travelling from UK.Any good holiday packages or website available for info.Thanking you in advance
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    Hi? Me n my hubby is planning to go to Italy. Any ideas? How's d weather?
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