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French school holiday dates 2010 and 2011

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Hi - can anyone tell me when the school holiday dates are for Europe, particularly French school holidays and Switzerland? I am planning a trip and want to avoid the really busy season. Thanks!


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    In France, the busy seasons are:
    - in Winter, from the 15th december to the 5th of January
    - in Summer, July and August are usually very busy, especially bertween the 15th July and the 15th August.

    Apart that, there are some long week-ends. In 2009, the 1st and 8rd May (always holiday) are Fridays, that means lots of people on the roads... Avoid these days.

    The summer French school holidays run from Friday 2nd July 2010 to Thursday 2nd September 2010. The French winter half term is from midday Saturday 23rd October 2010 to Wednesday 3rd November 2010 inclusive. French Christmas school holidays run from midday Saturday 18th December 2010 until Sunday 2nd January 2011 inclusive. The Winter holiday varies from region to region in France, but is between Saturday 12th February 2011 and Sunday 13th March 2011. Likewise the spring holiday - from Saturday 9th April 2011 to Sunday 8th May 2011. Summer holiday 2011 for french schools starts Saturday 2nd July 2011 after classes
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    Thanks! So is February a good time to be in FRance on holiday? I really want to avoid lots of families on holiday!
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    Can't blame you for wanting to avoid Rug Rats - February should be fine, however avoid Mid February if you are traveling to a skiing resort as these tend to be popular with British families enjoying Half Term
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    Please help!
    I would like to tour Europe next year June/July and need to know the dates of the school holidays for Austria, Germany, Holland and France please. I think France's holidays starts on 2 July 2011 but can't figure out when the rest of Europe's schools closes.

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    i would like to do a cruise around the med on 29th September until 9th October.
    i will be with husband and three children.
    Does anyone know the dates of european school holidays around this time in 2011.
    I would like to be going on the cruise when it is school holidays so that my children can meet other kids.
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    can anyone tell me the dates for the french school breaks for 2011/2012 thanks
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