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Travelling from Australia to Israel and then Lebanon

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Hi. I am an Australian resident from Arab background. I am planning to travel to Israel from Australia. I heard from people that i can request for not to stamp on my passport.Is it true. Have anyone try it. Otherwise i can't enter Lebanon and the some other arab countries.
Do you think traveling to Jordan and cross to Israel thru the bridge or flying to Tel Aviv. Any tips for this trip and what i should be aware off.


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    I would suggest that if possible to change the ticket the JOrdan first and always do Israel at the end of a trip.
    The problem is if they do stamp the passport - you are screwed. If they do not then that is fine but then do not cross over to Jordan fromthe bridge since it will show how you got in which would mean you were in Israel on the entrance stamp to Jordan. Also, if you go into Israel first you will need to have a visa for Jordan prior to arrival - only at the entry point the other you can get at the border.
    You could fly from Tel Aviv to Amman - make sure they do not stamp the entry and exist from ISrael and then on your passport it will show the entry via plane only
    I am a tour operator and have been doing this for 24 years
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    Thank you for the great information
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