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Emergency Passports

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I'm an American who has been traveling around France and lost my passport on public transportation. I've been calling the embassy in Paris but they are not really answering my questions so I thought I'd ask them here:
1. Will I be allowed to enter England on an emergency passport?? I had already booked my flight to there before I lost my passport and don't have time to wait here in France for the two weeks required to be issued a full passport. Also my flight back to the US leaves from London in April..
2. When I apply for an emergency passport will they be able to send a full passport to the address where I'll be staying in England??


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    First and foremost a lost or stolen passport must be reported using the “Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport” (Form DS-64) as early as possible. As soon as the Passport Services gets your statement of loss, the passport will be considered invalid. You will have to apply for a new passport in order to leave the country. Since you do not have the original passport, you will have to prove citizenship of the United States, meaning you will need to deposit your original birth certificate or a certified copy, two passport photographs, and your driver’s license.
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