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3 weeks in cambodia.....

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hi all...we are planning a 3 week trip to cambodia in late march 2010, & as first time visitors are eager to see a fair bit...we are middle aged and do like some degree of creature comforts..i.e. bed, a/c, etc...we are thinking of staying in phnom penh 4-5 days, on to battambang for 2-3 days then on to siem reap for the balance of our stay, about 10 days. apart from temples etc, which we hope to do on alternate days, we'd gladly listen to any suggestions and/or advice on what to see or avoid during our stay. thanks !


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    Hi Simon,

    I have only been to Cambodia once and that was 4 days in SIem Reap last November. Have been planning to go back ever since. This is my thoughts and some of our initial planning for next Nov.

    4 days is enough for Siem Reap - Arrange a guide ( any taxi driver for $30.00 per day ) and get him to stick to you for the 4 days - Get to the temples early before the tourist buses and the heat - Early morning you will get a lot of shade.

    We are planning a similar time to you in Phnom Penh & Battambang and plan a 2 day trip to Kratie and 3-4 days down South to Kep and Shinoukville beaches - Also some National Parks down that way

    Also check out TripAdvisor for lots of up to date info and beware of old and outdated websites - Some will tell you it is a 16Hr hell hole drive from Thailand to Siem Reap - If fact it is less than 2 Hrs on a good bitumen highway


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    Both me and another girl friend are planning a trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap on in March 2010 for 5days. As we only have 5 days, Angkor Wat will be our main focus. I read in TripAdvisor about Battambang. Does anyone if Battambang is worth visiting? How long is the journey by taxi from Siem Reap?
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    Yes Battambang is a great place !! Less busy and more authentic than Siem Reap.
    About Siem Reap, there is a great place to stay called Phnom Kulen !!
    There is a local travel agency (Terre Cambodge) wich provide the authorization and the equipment to spend an overnight in the pagoda. This location is wonderfull !!
    If you are looking for adventure you can go also to Preha Vihear at the thai border.
    This temple is magic !!!
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