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Scams in Lagos Africa



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    Duped5272 does NOT equal his wife. Only a woman he has been with. I am very very sorry for this (TI)
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    I wasn't stupid. I havent been with other men so if I have an STD it will be from him. I am not a whiner also, so I truly hope that wasn't a reference to me. I have apologized as much as I can for being with him. As you well know I was unaware he was married and when he said he was clean I believed, I know you can't believe everything people tell you and that is definately a hard lesson I have learned.

    Again I am sorry for all the pain this has cause you just4me4know. God Bless u. And I pray he will be with me too.
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    I do hide my name. However, I am being honest when I tell you that I have not hidden behind MANY screen names on THIS site, as you have.

    I did not respond to the email that you wrote to me last night because I am not stuck to the computer at all times. I do have a life, and you should get one as well.

    No one said that your husband is here illegally, where are you getting that from? So he's legal. And?
    He also is illegally speading the HIV virus, and YOU are not being honest to those women who he has exposed.

    Your holier than thou attitude is unbelievable, disgusting and sad.

    This was never the point for me. I posted to one person, because I felt it was my "duty" to do so.

    The point was never to get in to a discussion with you at all, or even to hurt you in any way. I wanted to help, and I stand behind my decision to do so.

    Call me and others whatever you choose, but it is a fact that all you are trying to do is camoflauge the fact that your husband is a sick, twisted individual with no regard for human life.
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    Wow, this has turned ugly. I just want to say the I am grateful for the HIV information. I will be tested soon, and I pray to God that I test negative. I want to make one thing very clear, just because i had a thing with austin didnt make me promiscuous, I wasnt out at the bars looking for a man to pick me up. We met, and it went from there. I understand your'e trying to blame us but you need to blame him. He shouldve said that he was a carrier of a life threatening disease. Im sure if he wouldve said that, no one on this site plus those havent posted wouldnt have slept with him period! we all wouldve run, fast! after reading the long post from either a friend or a family member of yours, i know it wasnt you because the writing was much better, I did notice that she neglected to say that austin is not hiv positive, Only that immigration was fully aware of his health status. That sounds like a positive status if you ask me. as far as slander, I too have a relative that works for the DA's office and slander is when whats being said is untrue and as far as i can tell, everything here is pretty accurate. Stories match, you havent denied his hiv status, only that it is your business! no, sweetie, its no longer only your business! its everyones that has been exposed business now. Since i know that ive told nothing but the truth on this site, i have no issues with having the "slander" term thrown around. It is, however, illegal for someone knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS, and it can be punishible by law. His immigration status isnt set in stone, and any illegal act such as knowingly infecting others can and hopefully will get him deported. if you love him that much you can follow him back to his country and be his supporting wife there. I feel very sorry for you, maybe i should say i feel pity for you.
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    Let me rephrase that statement of haven't been with other men. I meant other men since Austin. And I KNOW I was clean before that. I am praying this is all untrue and I am still clean. I have children and grandchildren how to explain to them about this.
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    a few clarifications..tawni, you said your husband has regular health check ups? thats funny because he doesnt have health insurance, does he? odd is that.being able to get regular checks ups without coverage and why would he need regular check ups unless he had an illness...oh, but mentioned something about having a heart for people with illnessess..right? what illness would that be? HIV? youve admitted it, without actually coming out and saying know if you put it in writing that he is not hiv positive its going to come back and bite you in the ass! youre daughter had no problem saying you were negative but not Austin.. because you and your family in fact did know or do know rather..and funny thing, has anyone picked up on the age group that austin hits??? he is in his 30's, if not late 20's and he's set his sites on "older" women, with grown kids and, no wonder he is able to get so many women, he makes them feel wanted and young again. a scammer til the end! get tested everyone, including you, tawni..and go pour yourself another drink!
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    I am only 38 not much older than him. wasn't in the bar to meet anyone. Was there with family and friends when he approached ME. I had only been to the bars maybe four times before then. Not a bar whore. Not a whore for that matter. Just an everyday hardworking loving mother/grandmother who was definately fooled and not cause I needed someone to make me feel loved.

    not all my kids are grown,My oldest will only be 18 in a week.
    i have three younger than them.
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    Please know that my true intention was to let you know in private. You have NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER to defend yourself on this site. You have done NOTHING wrong. Nothing. Is it you who is trying to contact me through email? I have not answered, as I do not know if it is you, or Austins wife. Are you DUPED5272 and Duped5272?
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    Just curious I know you? With what you are posting, I have a feeling you know me. Please contact me at the email address I gave. It's a confidential email. Thanks for defending me. I honestly have only posted from this name and I dont hide who I am. I have no clue who sent me this link and sorry now that I got sucked into this. I am not the evil person people are trying to say and as for Maryellen, she has not even looked at this site. She is an innocent person who is being degraded for no reason. She was a victim like all of us. Please leave the poor woman alone.
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    I appologize duped, didnt mean any disrespect to you whatsoever. I think we are losing site of the real issue. Austin hurt alot of women, everyone is angry because of being hurt and taken advantage of. also, the fact that so many lives can be affected by his actions, especially if the HIV issue is true. All anyone can really do is get tested, not only once, several times. I do know that HIV can take years to pop its ugly little head up, unfortunately. What I also know is that even though you may test negative, it can be a false negative for a long while but you can still spread the virus. That is directly from the CDC website.
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    YES AUSTINGOTME2 that is me who sent the messages.
    please respond. TY guest for your post.
    i really feel dirty and horrified at all the women this has affected,
    to knowingly infect someone with something so horrible is unthinkable. Will be tested soon and regularly.
    So much for moving on and being happy :(
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    For the record, I am not Austin's wife. I am her friend and have been by her side through all the drama that has occurred. It was not her who informed me of this link, it was another of Jayne's fb friends that found out all of Austin's gore and his wife's sorrow thanks to Jayne. It was not her concern to notify the world of my friend's troubles. She was trying to privately deal with her marriage and Jayne's link exposed it all. That was not fair, it was a bitter hag thing to do. I have been hearing for years what a joke she is and how angry and resentful with her Nigerian hating website and the nasty PRIVATE things she posts about people's marriages. Yes Jayne, even your so called fb friends laugh at you. They're everywhere. Try to weed out the culprit, there's more than one.

    You don't know me, you will never know me. I choose not to stoop so low as to keep company with a one woman Jerry Springer show thriving on gossip and lies. I have also been burned, not by money like many have but in other ways. I'm sure you've heard a lot of terrible stories of Nigerians, believe me, this one is right up there with the worst of them. The pain is extensive for my whole family and our children. I choose to keep it private to protect them. I moved on with my life thanks to a lot of healing comfort from Austin's wife and God (among others). I don't broadcast it all over the internet incessantly. Really Jayne, how many years ago did this happen? That's your choice how you choose to deal with your pain. It's not productive although you fool yourself into believing it is. Stick to your own story, don't shine the light on other people's misery. That's not productive, it's destructive to them when they're already going through so much. That doesn't make you the hero of american women. You're as demented as my ex husband.

    Austingotme2.. You are clearly mixing up what I have said with what Austin's wife has said. Now you know, we're different people.

    So once again, to set the record straight, I am not austin's wife.

    To duped.. I have heard nothing but good things about you. Keep your head up, you're a victim here and not the cause of any of this. You are NOT who I was referring to in the hag posts. It's a sin you got involved with him and got hurt. You deserve so much better and you're going to have it. Have faith. And I want to thank you for swallowing your own pain and helping my friend through this rough time. In most cases the two of you would have ripped one another's hair out but you were both so mature and kind about it. If there is one good quality about Austin, it's that he knows how to pick a good woman.
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    I Just want to say that I regret posting on this site. I was so hurt, and angry, I didnt know what to do. my personal life shouldve been kept my personal life. Im in no way a whore of any kind either. I havent been with another man since Austin and I hadnt been with a man for several years prior to austin. Unless youre me, you wont know what I was told by him and if you choose to have ill will towards me, so be it. I cant change what has happened but like i said I believed what i was told. I didnt have a reason not to. Im not going to justify my actions any further on this site. I also want to say that I was tested and my results are negative. So, there is the possibility of good news. I wish all concerned the best of luck and the ability to try at least and move on. I know its easier said then done because I too, still hurt.
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    One last not a whiner, a hag, nor am I bitter..Im just hurt
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    Thank you so much letsbehonest. His wife has been nothing but good to me since I had informed her of Austin and I. She was very understanding that I had NO IDEA he was even married and that when I found out I told her right away.

    Imhurt2 thank you for the result of your test. Definately eases the mind a bit. His wife truly is the one of the victims I believe and as I said before I am so sorry for ever posting the first post I made that used his name. It was truly out of anger and hurt.

    I don't care to know any of the other women here but I am glad to know his wife and hope that soon this all will be just a bitter memory that she can move on and she can be happy. Love makes you blind to things. Trust me it blinded me.

    This is also my last post here. Please just let it stop here. We are all in pain and for all of us to heal we need to stop and let it go. I think all that needed to be said has been said so time to put it all to rest. Good luck to all this has affected and God bless to his wife. You are a good woman and not a cow. I am mortified anyone would even say such a thing.

    She was very kind in trying to ease my pain while she also was in pain. Time to move on.
    GOD BLESS U ALL please let it end here
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    imhurt2 - I am assuming you are the lady on the west coast, I wasn't referring to you as a hag or anything like that.
    There is a whole troupe of people who make it their mission in life to badmouth and slander nigerians any chance they get. Some raid forums pretending to be with Nigerians (still) and then try to instill doubt in the minds of people who are happy. Others get on visa journey and do similar things. These ones here made up a bunch of crap pretending to be more of Austin's former girlfriends when they are not just to make things look worse than they are (not needed - it's bad enough) and then take pleasure in trying to make his wife look like a pathetic loser or a scammer too - which she is not. Then there are those of us who were hurt and try to move on with our lives without dwelling on it and trying to destroy other people's lives. Thank God for your health! That's awesome news. You can move on without letting this ruin your life.

    Duped - God bless you :) you're right, it should die out. Silence drives evil gossips insane and its best for all of the ladies involved.
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    I wrote of Jayne and Mary Ellen's character to put question to the believability of their facebook page and linking it to this page. The only 2 I am concerned about are the woman hurt by Austin, Duped and I'm so hurt. I would not of talked with you if I thought you were not victims just like me. I wasn't referring to you when I said in general people meet each other, have unprotected sex and then want to point fingers at people who they hear have a STD. We are adults, and we know how to protect ourselves. I was a AIDS instructor for years and well trained, I sent Lisa information because while she wants to appear intelligent, she is so sorely uninformed.

    My name is TAWNI ILEABOYA, I have not hid my name like many of you have so anything you say is really not to be taken as truth in my eyes. Only Jayne had the guts but it;s her M.O., make a big show of knowing about people and not airing her own dirty laundry. She is bitter she was taken in and yes, I'm bitter I was taken in too. What I chose to do with that is no one's business so sorry no more gossip for you all to chomp on....I am not ashamed of my choice of husbands, he has faults just like we all do. Like I said before, have any of you lied to someone, cheated on someone, pretended to be someone your aren't???? Let thee with no sin post thier NAME and tell us how well you walk with God. My best friend is "letsbehonest" it's not my daughter and if I knew you that brought up her name here, you would be minus the ability to type after I met up with you. You are all sick people who revel in hurting others which proves your lives are pathetic and useless. No, I'm not perfect, but I am better then you!!! Enough said, don't worry I'msohurt and Duped5272 I love you both, we have a bond now and I will continue to pray for you. You had no idea these were vultures out there like this and you two are better then them too :) And yes, I feel for the terminally ill, for the little kids with cancer, grandparents with altimezers, and even for you bitter people who will one day die old and lonely woman.
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    Tawni I apologize for how I handled this. I should never have posted his status on here. I intended to do it behind the scenes and that is how I should have handled it. I was wrong. I still do not know who sent me the link. And I regret they involved me. But I also deserve an apology for the stories about myself and Maryellen. What was posted was totally inaccurate. I have NEVER helped by getting money from others to send to my ex husband. I did NOT set up a dating site for him. He always denied he scammed and will to this day. I know he did but I did not participate. Yes I did call the men but I informed them they were being scammed....I just never told my ex that I did that. The actor was a friend I was introduced to and he is for real. A friend of mine is his agent here in the states. The one that scammed me has since come forward with his real info and has made up for his lies. No one is without fault. That I agree with. I was not unstable. My ex was diagnosed as a sociopath. It explained a lot and I gave up trying. He did NOT romance me so I would divorce him. We tried to see each other for a brief time after I filed. I put the divorce thru while we were still seeing each other. He betrayed me again and I broke it off permanently. I am not a bitter monster. I have no anger towards Nigeria. I had a time of anger and pain over it but that is normal for anyone betrayed. I wish you the best and apologize for any pain I added. May God bless you and may you always be happy and strong. I do not know who all the others posting are. I posted my name and am being honest with what I did.
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    I also have deleted the link with an apology. I will NOT be party to hurting any of you any further. Take care.
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    Jayne your apology is weak, especially since I seen you changed the wording about the link on your FB page to something vague about Nigeria scamming when your name is all over the emails. I have copied them all and the first FB page you put about knowing Austin. I am turning the evidence into the police department, we will let them be the judge. You say in your second comment about the link that it was sent to you anonymously but you told another person the name of who sent which story are we believe? You have always hated Austin for being Lateef's friend, this is just your attempt to continue to spread your misery. You knew what you what your husband was doing in Nigeria and still chose to bring him here. That is indisputable as he was put in administrative process for failure to prove your marriage was bona fide and then later arrested for scamming while you were married to him and he was in Nigeria, but still you brought him here.
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    I was sent the link by Taio Cruz. That is what I told the person you are talking about. If you dont know the name, look it up.... Thanks again guest. Would love to know who you really are. And I am not the obsessed one. I was handed this site. Wish I never got the email. You and your friends obviously watch me and Maryellen on my site. Get a life.... Oh and I'm prejudice? WTH? Would you like to see the people living in my house now? I am sure my son's friend would find that hilarious. My first ex? You must miss alot on my page. I have had my say on things he did but I do have his kids so I watch what I say for their sake. And not like Austin because of Lateef? Hell I am friends with Lateef still. I just didnt like his cheating and cant live with it. If you can deal with the cheating more power to you. Lateef was in administrative processing because I didnt realize they needed the actual marriage cert which i had here. And when was he really in jail? Lmao.
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    Really sorry to hear about all your experiences.
    I'm Nigerian, and hardly do we make friends online, cos our strong family ties keep us close.
    So if you come in contact with anyone who has a perculiar tale, its definitely false.
    also note this; these scams are done by a few people, if not the same people over and over and over again, till they get caught or the scam becomes stale.
    really sorry to hear of your experiences, its a case of a few spoiling the image of many.
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    Positive...I'm speechless. Not sure what to do next.
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    devestated..about what???
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    I just got test results back and I don't knw how to deal with it or how to feel.
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    OMG. I just read your post Devastated... I would get advise from a specialist then I would contact the authorities on this guy. He obviously is knowingly spreading this. There are murder cases on trial for this very thing. It doesnt appear you will be the only victim.
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    How I wish that I could go back in time and make different choices..The depression has kicked in..crying is non stop..I'm clinging to the hope of a false positive right now. I have to...mixed feelings abt all of this..I wish I wouldve never known any of this and I could have gone on with my day to day boring life, ignorant to the facts at hand..ignorance is bliss, so they say...FUCK!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! For lying, for exposing me to this, for all the pain, now, and the pain to come! I hate you! I am not ready to forgive, nor do I think I ever will.
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    I don't have to give my name, I don't have know who I am! You know who you've been with, you know how many you've exposed, you know! You will have to live with this for the rest of your life, however long that may be, and maybe it will never phase you..maybe you think we (women) deserve what we get..I don't know, but God also knows, and you will have to answer to him, if know one else. That is my only comfort at this very moment. I don't know if writing all of this is helping me or actually causing me more distress and pain, so, I think I will stop posting here and try to focus on me, wait for the results of my retest and pray..that's all I can do at the moment to keep me from completely shutting down.
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    I don't have to give my name, I don't have know who I am! You know who you've been with, you know how many you've exposed, you know! You will have to live with this for the rest of your life, however long that may be, and maybe it will never phase you..maybe you think we (women) deserve what we get..I don't know, but God also knows, and you will have to answer to him, if know one else. That is my only comfort at this very moment. I don't know if writing all of this is helping me or actually causing me more distress and pain, so, I think I will stop posting here and try to focus on me, wait for the results of my retest and pray..that's all I can do at the moment to keep me from completely shutting down.
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    how long ago were you with him devastated???
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    sorry for the Victims about your lose!

    But here is a word of warning! just as its true that all Terrorist have been Muslims, but not all Muslims are Terrorist , can be applied to this topic of scam in Lagos.
    well maybe all the con artist so far have been claiming to have business dealings in Nigeria but i assure you not all Nigerian are con artist.
    we have very serious minded people, brilliant and trust worthy persons among us.! We the Nigerian people even want to expose the bad elements among us even more than you foreigners can ever imagine.
    They've made life and business connections so unbearable for the good ones. its so so disheartening!!! anytime i am online seeking business connections, once i mention i am from Nigeria, immediately they tune off or block me... its so disheartening!!!!!
    But if you wanna look at whole thing the way the scammers sees it; its pure and acute poverty that makes them descend so low as to rob a woman emotionally and financially.... its just a sad story..... and again don't be taken in that its only Nigeria that does scam!!!! for all you know all these names mentioned here, the people can be from other African country, but they find it easy to claim Nigerian by mouth cos its a free country. the security system is a little loose, and then we are populous which may make it difficult to trace people easily.
    i wish you all luck in your love search, but there are good people among us, don't give up hope of finding love! and never give anyone money if you've not seen them physically or through webcam.
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    concerning the women that had been scammed by Austin!

    Well am sorry, you deserved what you got!!!!!!!!!!!yeah! you heard me right you deserve what ever you got from him: HIV, STD, GONORRHEAL, SYPHILIS, etc.
    where were your sense? and what happened to modest, cautions and morals?????? i mean you never really cared about your life!!!! you played a gamble with your life that is! i suppose you always warn your children to have protected sex! right? so why can't you adult obey simple instruction by protecting yourselves when sleeping with someone you don't know their health status.

    There are some things that should be applicable in a relationship! and that is one's you decided to go skin to skin with your partner it its better you're aware of each other health status!
    Yeah, you cant blame Austins wife, after all she did not invite any of you to come share her man. and its each of your responsibility as an adult to make findings about your partner before going to bed, and if you're saying its does not matter, then you're loose( promiscuous) and that's the fruit of what you're reaping!
    It doesn't matter that he'a a Nigerian or He's black you could get it from any man if your pants are too loose and you have no respect for morality or the sanctity of marriage.
    Look on the brighter side, there are worst and faster kill than HIV/AIDS . e.g Cancer, kidney stone, liver problem, typhoid fever etc. After all you got it doing what you enjoy, stealing from someone else.
    So stop sucking or passing blame or Austin or the Wife........Work on your own moral standard.
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    Wow Jimlas, you really have a deep hatred of mankind (or should I say WOMANkind) to feel anyone deserves a disease due to what "you" have decided are their sins. How is the man exempt from his part? It appears he knowingly went into these relationships betraying a wife AND these women. All of these women, the wife included, were lied to by this man. Who are you to judge? Did God put you in charge? No one is saying all of Nigeria is bad. There is evil all over the world. But knowingly having unprotected sex when you are aware you have a disease and not informing the other party is horrifying.
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    hi, I'm a victim, and after a long search I finally found this site, two months ago we reported on the FS Profile wonderful man named Captain James R. Luce Scott in uniform by showing that the U.S. Army and was captain of the act , the uniform he says Luce and he wants to correspond with me, first I wanted to tell but again received the message and so it began, after a while I paid the activation of the phone so we heard, that, after this he came to me, but I I have to pay $ 750 the way, I doubted the honor and integrity of such ?ovjeanu, dafurka area and I paid for and he told me that I cited the following as my cousin that I would pay less, apparently from Nevada, but in Sudan, Dafur region, all I checked and everything seemed true, the request to let him go I had to write that because of preparations for the wedding and all went through the UN e-mail address, I checked with friends in the army and they told me that so normally it would not be released, it means everything is fine, three days after I paid I received a document that I should sign that in the event of his death, inherits 10% of his insurance and that is around $ 690,000 which I immediately rejected it and wrote it, then I finally became strange to me why someone would leave so much money and we know about two months and check the document and mark the UN and very little to distinguishyet, when I then began to check, I nearly passed out, the UN was a fake post office in America and that name used by a man named Oladeji Fashin from Nigeria, then I found his profile at several U.S. sites and web site with the addition of Kensington and Merfi in Virginia, then on the second Keller Virginia, Alabama State, and then finally Lagos Nigeria, first I was horrified and angry that I did not read all good but when I read all about it, I was happy to have made ??only so little money because I saw how the others gave and decided to continue to see how far it will go but I have the following message asking for Virgin and he wrote me that he never went out of Nigeria or in America, and was told what I was lied to but He called Oladeji Fashin and the black but that he did not want to introduce so because he knew that I would have answered the message, and I think three days and asked where to sign up, friends have advised me to go on as if everything is OK and that I still like to discover more about it all and so we continued In the meantime, I sent a letter to the U.S. Army but have not received an answer, although I know that this man does not exist at least not under that name but I know that the special forces in the Airborne, I think that this is still an honorable man who is anyone knows where to battlefield and have no idea how it can tarnish him and his honor and the honor of such a large military force, I'd like to find out who he is, I have a picture but I do not know where to send so I learned while at the same time continuing with the correspondence in Nigeria, it was well then that I expected and began searching for money to $ 1500 for the education of his younger brother, as I said I sent and now we lie to each other but I think that was discovered because I begged him not to report to the police and how we Other
    I am interested if anyone knows anything about these names and how to find James Scott, tj.kome can I go for the next step, now waiting for Interpol to address because I received information that some of these scammers have already requested and that it belongs to their domain as an international crime, so please if there is anyone who can help me with further addresses, I will not give up because I was very angry, but because I was naive and fell on a nice cliche, but I'm just a man, thanks to everyone who We can help mely
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    wow T Lew!
    I don't hate anybody. But am just angered by what these women have done, then turn around to cast blames! the first steps to their healing is to accept they are cheap sluts! YES! cheap slut! i mean am a woman too, but even if the man is not married or is not diseased are they not suppose to be sane enough to use protection? what men say the truth? what men? ???? we have them all over the world they only tell 2% truth.
    But we as women needs to take up responsibility, and since you decide you're gonna be hopping from bed to bed, then you should be wise enough to use protection and if the man does not want to; then let him take a walk.
    The bottom line is this: They're all in this shit cos of the bad decision they made, i mean caution was thrown to the winds!!!!!!! nobody was there when they were in bed together whining in ecstasy, so why are they now looking for peoples pity and sympathy?
    Don't blame me dude i stand by what i said .
    As for the wife!!!!!!!!!!well she has not admitted anything..... if truly he has Aids, she is the only one i pity here, or on second thought, maybe she initially pass this virus to the guy and not the other way round? have you thought of that? maybe thats why she's sticking to him.
    Whatever it is they are couples! so????? other women should be more cautious, when dating a man you don't know his medical status!!!
    These days in Nigeria, before we go unprotected with a man, we go for HIV test! Yes really it has gotten to that know in Africa nobody wants to die , so we try to safeguard ourselves........cause there aren't no free medicals. lol
  • @ just4me2know. Please contact me you can email me at scammedascammer at yahoo dot com. Please. I need clarification. No I did not sleep with your husband this is a different matter.
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    But knowingly having unprotected sex when you are aware you have a disease and not informing the other party is horrifying.
    Tlew in reference to the above statement you made, WHAT about the women too? didn't they knowingly have unprotected sex with this guy? or is it Rape????? are u telling me thats the culture now in america? they sold us condoms, so why aren't you using it for yourselves?
    Did the other party bother to know his health status? if they had bother about it, he'll be dodge and they would suspect, but they never bother about their lives, so they should stop making it peoples problems.
    Please don't let us be temperamental or be foolishly blinded by unnecessary emotions. i still maintain my arguments! they deserve it! Henceforth they should never use unprotected sex.
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    @jimlas, you're an ignorant bitch! You have no idea how long he knew any of these women prior to them becoming intimate! A 4month relationship, a year long relationship, and who knows how long the others were, far from one night stands, don't you think? You have no idea whether or not he was asked abt his health and what response he gave. you have no idea because you weren't there, you weren't part of the equation. So, who in hell are you say any of these women are cheap sluts! And for the record, no one said AIDS, you idiot! HIV isn't AIDS! Most people that throw stones usually don't know what they're talking about! And yes, that would include you!
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    @ Guest ! this is jimlas
    Why are u barking like a sick Dog? why dont you use your sign up status so that i'll know whom am dealing with you bitch!!!!! yes! You're a BITCH!
    you deserve what you got! why go about sleeping with other pples hubby? uhm? you dont have to deny maybe u slept with him or not, from your response one can easily deduce you're one of the women who has been with Austin. Like i said, you foolish asshole, stop whining here and hope to gain pples pity, the moment you throw caution to the air wtout knowing his status, you have urself to blame.
    And maybe Aids Or Hiv, its all the same as its HIV that becomes AIDs when full what are you saying Bitch? if the two are not one , then there would be no reason for all this noise here i guess.
    Then to your maybe you ask him about his health status! well supposing you do; i belief you could still have taken the step to go for the test, before going skin to skin, since its not a one night stand and neither is it Rape! people like you easily profess love to men, but you dont have love! yes! cos you dont even love yourself! if you do, i belief you'll not play a gamble with your life for a momentary gratification of the flesh.
    Like i said in my previous post, i pity and have compassion for only the wife! she's the only woman whom has been cheated in all these case, while all others has been cheats themselves. Am sure most often they would have ignore subtle signs that point to the fact that the guy is married, seperated or not! but they choose to follow their emotions and not reality. And here is reality the open!!!!!! you got a disease you'll be managing for the rest of your lives until a cure is found!
    Don't hate me, take up responsibilities for yourselves..... You played a Gamble! and you scored Foe. lol
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