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    I am a Nigerian female who lives in Canada now but lived in Nigeria from birth till i was 26. Am embarrassed to hear all these scams perpetrated by Nigerians. I just want to correct peoples impression about Nigerians. Not all Nigerians are scammers....we have loads of people who are into legitimate business unfortunately a few lazy Nigerians sit on the computer looking for whom to scam. I once had an experience when i posted my car online for sale. These idiots started sending me emails with long cock and bull story of how they were on a project and would not be able to come see the car but i should ship it and then i will get extra $500 for doing that. I knew they were scams....all i did was to tell them "they were out of their mind" and they never would respond back. My advise is feel free to talk to people online if u like but the moment they start to request for money - push the delete button....The moment they start to tell u how much they love u and want to marry u without seeing u- push delete button...The moment they give u unbelievable offers- push delte button. Also forget about dating someone u cannot see face to face..... deal locally. Sometimes if its not a scam of collecting money from u then it could be a scam of them trying to use u to get papers to travel to europe or north america.
    I can tell a scammer just by a line of chat.....U see, Nigerians are very educated and have good command of English....if he is making grammatical errors alot then he is a scammer....a decent Nigerian can construct good sentences.
    If his story comes with symphathy...its a scam
    Am Nigerian and am so proud to be one even though these scammers are denting our image.
    Pls dont EVER send money to anyone...never give out your personal information..
    Am Nigerian and there will never be a story good enough to scam me.
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    DUPED5272 -- Please contact me at I have some VERY important information, for you. I can not stress to you how important this information is to you. Lisa
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    dear duped5272, I also met Austin Ileaboya, not as a scammer either,not to say that he wasnt though. We started in March of 2010 until this past week. He told me that his marriage was over, that whole story. I had even spoken to his family on several occasions over the phone.I thought things were great. I flew to maine to be with him, we went out with his friend, had a great time. I never knew that he was also scamming me along with who knows how many others. He told me that he loved me as well, and that he wanted me to have my tubes untied so that we could have a child together, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, that i was his true love..blah, blah, blah....We spoke daily via phone, text, web cam.
    He recently went back to Nigeria to visit, he called me from the airport, when he had to make the connecting flight, he called daily from Nigeria. We had originally planned for him to come to spend a few weeks with me right after the Nigeria trip but his trip was cut short after only three weeks in Nigeria. I didnt have time to make the arrangements with such short notice. Anyway, bottom line is I was duped as well.

    Well, late last week I received a phone call from his wife and we spoke. She told me about several others that she had found out about and that he had done the exact same thing to them, but she went on to say that they love each other and are going to work things out. Im very hurt and humiliated at the same time. Not only was he seeing me , he was seeing you at the exact same time and who know how many other women.

    As of today, I am still getting phone calls and texts begging me to go back to him.
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    Dear imhurt2. We need to talk. I know Austin. Contact me @ catnap33hues yahoo.
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    OK ladies. Go ASAP to the clinic. Austin had a difficult time getting here to the because he is HIV Positive. His stupid wife signed additional papers allowing him here. Please report what this man is doing to immigration. He needs to be stopped. OMG if he has a child and gives all of you HIV??? How could she allow this to happen to you? He is evil incarnate.
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    I also know austin ileaboya, and I am ashamed to say that I to had a brief relationship with this man. He said he was in the middle of a divorce, and reassured me that he no longer loved his wife. He knew what to say. Now I'm finding out that he is HIV positive. How can immigration allow someone into this counrt knowing that he may spread this horrible disease? I'm terrified now! How can someone knowingly infect others? Omg! His wife knew this? Then the cow is equally responsible and should be held accountable! Damn them both! I will be tested, and if I test positive I will do everything in my power to have him deported! And possibly press charges if I'm able to. Thank you balogun, I'm scared of what I may find out but I thank you for the info.
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    Balogun, thank you for the information. I know him as well, since my brief encounter with him many, many months ago, I have since been in a good relationship with another man, and now, not only may my life be ruined, i may have unknowingly ruined the life of another as well, by passing on a disease. I agree, he is an evil incarnate. I also agree that every woman that has had any intimate contact with this man needs to be reported asap! both to immigration and to the authorties and hopefully charges can be filed. If is wife was aware of his status then she too should be punished! it may be that she now has the disease and figures, if she caught it, who cares if anyone else does! damn them both to hell!
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    Hello everyone..I know for a fact that he was a Nigerian Scammer! That's how he met his" true love
    " that brought him over to the states. It was told to me that he is HIV positive and yes, his lovely wife knew this information. She doesn't know how to keep a secret, that's what drugs and alcohol do to you, and maybe that's a good thing. Now the world can know what a horrible couple they are! She won't leave him because she may have already contracted the disease and who would want an overweight, middle aged woman with HIV?! Please, everyone involved, get tested! Ihope everyone tests negative! Good luck to you all! God Bless!.
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    There is a series of comments started with the username
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    To those involved with/pretending to be involved with Austin Ileaboya:

    Wow! You clearly don't know his wife at all. She is not HIV+, she is not a drug addict or an alcoholic. Immigration KNEW of his health status when they granted him a visa, I'm not sure how you think you can get him deported on information they already have. He did the paperwork necessary to legally enter this country. Your anger isn't enough to send him away. Just because you're an american doesn't entitle you to decide who is here and who is not regardless of how evil he has been.

    All of his affairs were shocking to her as well. He had everyone duped. Not just the mistresses. And in fact, one of the mistresses KNEW he was married and continued to carry on an affair with him. If someone tells you they're married but unhappy .. married but doesn't love their wife.. whatever they come up with, have sense enough to steer clear. Let them work on their marriage or end it before getting involved. Who are you to become a 3rd party? Let them deal with their own problems. Go for an available man.

    HIV is a threat to all people, Americans and Africans alike. Why are you screwing around with people you met in bars or wherever? It's not like HIV is unheard of and you can't contract it from an American. Sounds like you all jump from one bed to another and then attack his WIFE for it? She is also an American and learning the ways of Nigerians. She married him, gave him her love, devotion, money, time, heart and body. To HIM and no other. She has always been faithful to him and has tried in vain to make it work despite his lies and secrets. She had NO proof until one of you contacted her. When we love someone, we WANT to believe what we want to believe. She is not to be persecuted for HIS mistakes. She is God fearing and sincerely believes in the sanctity of marriage and believed he did too. How dare you attack her for HIS promiscuity. She did NOT bring him to this country to spread a disease, it was a personal choice she made out of love believing with all her heart that he was with her alone. It was a risk she took for HERSELF alone. She NEVER would have brought him here if she knew he was a whore. If you think otherwise, you're a fool. You were duped by him, why can't you understand that she was too? To say she's staying with him because she now has contracted HIV, are you her doctor? Have you seen her blood test results? Are you even aware of HIPPA regulations regarding such things? She is NOT HIV positive. To say she is with him because she's middle aged and can't get another man.. get a clue. Are you all men? Believe me, there are men that would love a chance with such a wonderful caring woman and would appreciate her for who she is. You make it sound like she was sitting at home urging him to go out, find unsuspecting women and sleep with them. Be serious. What wife would do that. You have NO idea what she was thinking or going through all this time. Don't make assumptions and slander people. You just don't know what people have been through until you have lived their life or walked with them.

    You will never meet a kinder soul than Austin's wife. He is an absolute FOOL for not seeing what he has in such a wonderful wife. It sounds to me like he played with another kind soul who deserves better than this too, the mistress that didn't know he was married. His wife is suffering too from all of these things he's done and you kick her while she's down? What kind of monster are you? This woman is dealing with all of these revelations and still takes the time to console his one mistress who was hurt by him too. Who could do that? She is not stupid nor is she a fool. She trusted the love she had for a man and gave it all she had to make it work. Don't we all take that chance when we marry someone? Why bother marrying if you aren't willing to take that chance? And if she does finally decide to walk away from him, she will let it go and not become a bitter old screw like some others, warning the world of Nigerians and their ways.. preying on websites and forums looking for an opportunity to destroy marriages and relationships. She will move on with her life and be stronger for it while some of you sulk in your own bitterness. Curse her all you want. She's above you.

    @afriendlywarning and @Lisa if you are the same person or not.. its clear you are someone who was burned by a Nigerian and you are one of those pathetic people who obsess over it forever. Let it go, go live your life. Hate and bitterness is not poison to them, it's poison to you. Forgive them and forget about them. So you got burned, so many did, and continue to. You're turning into bitter old hags lusting after vicious gossip. It's ugly. Many of us are aware of your little Nigerian hating clique and we pity you. You may not know who we are but we all know who you are and steer clear of your viciousness. You're just as ugly as the Nigerians you hate so intensely. You have let them turn you into this. So sad.

    To the genuinely duped:

    This is the very first time I'm posting this type of thing. Not out of bitterness and anger like the hags I mentioned above, I don't prowl the internet looking for people to scare.. Just be aware, as far as Nigerians wanting a child with you.. read Nigerian law a little closer. The father OWNS the child. Many times he doesn't want a child WITH you, he wants a child FROM YOU! Child abduction to Nigeria is not uncommon and not possible to undo once it's done. Nigeria has NO treaties with the United States. Our court orders are not enforceable there. His family will usually pressure him to give them a baby, if that's the case, he has no regard for you at all. You are a means to an end. Many of them are born and bred in the kingship mentality as a matter of survival. They want to be king of the world and all you are is a tool to obtain that end. This particular type of Nigerian knows how to lie and sweet talk to get what they want. They KNOW what you want to hear. They're master manipulators and well trained in human psychology and how to make best use of it, not unlike satan and his minion who have studied us and know how we think. They may not be able to name psychological disorders or know anything of the subject formally at all but they know human nature very well. They will tell you the importance of a mother and father. Do they really have ONE mother and ONE father? That's a key question to get the answer to. Many times you won't get the truth on that even by the family that is so good to you and would never lie to you. They will stress the importance of children and how much they love them. The kids are property. They are their joy, fine, only to attain their own kingship.

    The sweet, kind words these types of people use with one another means nothing. Even when your friends tell you what a Nigerian is up to, they still don't know the extent of it. They warn you of things that are not happening and have no idea how bad the truth really is. Green cards are not always the goal. Sometimes, they do love you in their own way and they do generally come here to be with you but do not understand what an American expects from a marriage so they do it their way.. polygamy, adultery etc. and they know better than to tell you what their really up to. They know what you want to hear and believe. Americans, Canadians, Europeans.. just don't think this way, on average. Sometimes their plan is so dark, so sinister, we couldn't have dreamed it up in a thousand years. You could write amazing novels using them as character examples.

    Pay attention to the little things. Stories about their mothers, how they dine with you, if they share the blankets.. that kind of thing. The little things betray the bigger things. Is there a general attitude of "serve thyself first"? If there is, be wary.

    Listen to their song lyrics, read their literature. You will see what I'm talking about. No one is a friend. You are a means to an end. Their is something about the method of child rearing there that causes a mass amount of people to develop into narcissistics. I am convinced they are genuinely unaware that others should be treated with actual dignity beyond lip service to used to keep them calm. If you are involved with a Nigerian, I urge you to google narcissism and who falls for them.. see if you, and they, fit the bill. 9 times out of 10 you will.

    If you think your relationship with them does not sound like the above, you are the rare example. Good for you. Enjoy your life with the person you love! Enjoy it, don't let people keep you down with their bitterness. Marriage without trust is pointless. If you have decide to suspend disbelief and give it your all, I wish you well. That's what marriage is after all anyway isn't it? You have to dive in and give it 100% or its not going to work no matter who it's with or where they're from.
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    Word travels fast.. I'm not friends with you, hag, on fb. But the people who pity you are all talking about your FB status. You're really interested in Austin and his wife aren't you? Why is this so interesting to you? Don't you have anything better to do then get involved in other people's drama? It has nothing to do with you. You're pathetic. Your marriage is over, he was a scum and you're free now. People actually CARE about the people who ARE involved, you're capitalizing on their drama for your own amusement? Ask yourself, why is someone else's suffering so enjoyable for you? What is missing in your life that makes you this way?
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    I do hope all of you that were involved with him will step up, be tested and report him. These men are coming here using people to get here and continuing the scamming when they are here. Report this behavior to Homeland Security and Immigration PLEASE!! It does not make you a bitter hag to stand up and tell your story. We are all victims and these men really are narcissistic. Those of us that went thru it are NOT all bitter. I do NOT regret any of it but I will not lay down in shame that I fell for it. I am here to help anyone that needs it and I thank the person that sent me this link so I can let you ladies know what pain these men cause. It is sad they see me as a bitter hag instead of realizing their men will do the same to them that mine did. He was NOT different and they WILL cheat and scam just like he did. Austin, Emmy and others have proven that.
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    When I first wrote on here the hurt and anger took over. I needed to express my pain at how it felt to be used and lied to. I wish I hadn't posted anything because the terrible things that some of you are saying about his wife is horrible. I met with her and we talked at length and I know she isn't the truly evil person you make her out to be. She was just as much a victim in this as I was. She had no idea he was with anyone else. Please don't kick her when she is down also.

    Accusations of HIV is very strong and I pray that its not so. And if it's not true, shame on the person who would be so evil to post something like that to get satisfaction at hurting someone else.

    I am sorry to his wife for my posting (the first post) and making his name public because I seem to have caused her more pain and I never meant to. So please from here on out no more posts or bashing his wife. Also have to say he hasn't done anything alot of American men haven't done themselves.

    American men lie just as well and cheat on their wives, so to say it's just because he is a Nigerian is wrong and was wrong of me to do in my original post. It was in anger and pain that I lashed out. I am sorry for all the pain and humiliation I have caused.

    The above hags really do need to just move on with your life as I am. Life is too short to be miserable, find happiness and just let this be a lesson learned. God bless everyone this has affected and hope that happiness will follow in time. God bless
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    DUPED5272 = A woman who has been with Austin.
    letsbehonest and Duped5272 = Austins wife, obviously.
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    Thank you 2 my 2 friends who supported me here. I am Austin's wife. Only those two woman know me. I am a college educated woman trained in detection of mental illness and substance abuse, maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout college. I love my family and friends and will and have done anything for them. I am a Christian who tries with much imperfection to live my life like Jesus did.

    There are only 2 woman on this forum who I see telling the truth about their affair with my husband. They are both AMAZING and strong woman, I pray for them and only feel ill feelings towards the one who knew my husband was living with me. Like it has been said before, you have no business in a person's life if there is a spouse involved. When you see the divorce papers, then you know he is free to be involved and not before. I wish both these woman well, amazingly they are so worried about me and have really been supportive. I feel so horrible that my husband hurt them, us.

    The rest of you, Jayne Balogun and Mary Ellen Ikekhide, I know you are the authors of the other letters. You use your facebook website as a Nigerian hate site disguised as a scammer support site. And don't forget, your men were scamming you before you marrried them so stop whining about other Nigerians being scammers. You're bitter woman and I'm sure no man would come within 300 feet of you if they have viewed your FB website.

    (Thanks to all who have recently joined us. Please check all the notes and links and feel free to ask questions. Maryellen and I (my name is Jayne) are the admins for this site. )


    I notice many omissions in the FB site these woman have under the guise of helping others not be scammed. First Jayne has yet to tell her full story, how when her husband was in Nigeria she would set up profiles on dating sites so the IP address couldn't be tracked to Nigeria and helped him communicate with these woman to scam them out of money. She sent phony money orders from the states to get woman to cash them at their banks and send her money to send to her husband in Nigeria. She talked to men on the phone hiding her number to scam them into thinking she was the woman they were communicating online with...when it was her husband pretending to be a woman. Her husband left her after her unstable emotions drove him over the edge. When she refused to divorce him, he romanced her and convinced her to divorce him from their Nigeria marriage so they could have a U.S. marriage. He told her he believed someone had "cursed" their Nigerian marriage....she believed him, paid for the divorce...and no he didn't marry her again!

    Apparently her love of Nigerians remained strong as she "dated" a Nigerian claiming to be a actor and another man who got her to send him $400. This was after her divorce. I was in Nigeria when Austin called this man and he was laughing about scamming Jayne and saying she deserved it and invited us all out to drink beer with him on Jayne's money!

    Mary Ellen is the joke of Facebook. Their first FB site had to be shut down because Mary Ellen's rantings were so bad people stopped frequenting the site. Some of us enjoyed reading her comments, they were hilariously full of misspellings, grammatical mistakes and lack of was like a train wreck, you couldn't help but look. She also has been arrested for Domestic Violence in May of last year and her case status can be found in District Court for Bernalillo County.

    These 2 woman are the ones you take their words as truth.....and please notice that they both continue to use their Nigerian husband's last names? It is not my nature to say such mean things about people but the same courtesy appears devoid for me. One last comment, I was called a alcohol and drug user and a cow...have you looked up Jayne Wessel on FB? Isn't that a pic of her drunk and dancing and looking sooo attractive????

    My husband's life, our health, and anything else about us is our business. Shame on all you odd people who take pleasure in reading bullshit that is designed to hurt and humiliate people are sicker then they are. None of you has been divorced, cheated on, lied to or done any of those things to someone yourself???? Why is it that Mary Ellen and Jayne have no FB sites focusing on their first husbands and their divorce? Why just on Nigerians? Answer: because they are racist and history shows that idiots that pay mind to these types are racist and ill educated themselves.

    To the woman who say they screwed my husband many months ago. Who do you think you are? You pick up a man, willing have unprotected sex with them, then decide to chose one them as possibly giving you a STD???? Every person you have slept with has the potential to give you a smarter next time and stop whining about your stupidity in public.
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    I NEVER helped my ex husband with any of his activities. He denied it all to me until I caught him here in the US. I am sorry your husband has hurt you as well. Unfortunately many of these men are like this and I will not hide in shame. I WILL file a suit if you again tell complete lies about me like this. I have no idea who brought me in this and I will step out and wish you both luck. I use the last name because I am still close to some of the family and will continue to be. I do NOT hate Nigeria or those I am still close with.
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    You accuse me and my husband of having HIV with no LEGAL DOCUMENTATION. I have already spoken to someone who works for the District Attornies office about this. The legal definition is slander and it is a punishable crime. I have not made any accusations that have not already been confirmed by many of your Nigerian "friends" when I was in Nigeria. I never stepped on your toes despite what I heard and I even felt sorry when you were being the laughing stock of jokes with the guy you sent 400 to. Jayne for the 4 yrs I have known you, you make it your hobby to step into others business. You are a sick individual and one day someone will catch up with you and confront you. I invite you to come to Maine any day and face me and tell me this is lies that I say of you...don't expect to see you anytime real soon. Your other fault is you listen to others lies and pass them on and then damage people beyond imagination...this forum didn't have a thing to do with you yet you linked it on your FB can't even tell the truth when you defend yourself! I will pray for you and that the evil nature that is your life leaves you because if you chose, you could be a beautiful person.
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    Dear Mashall Birmingham or Mrs. I, (depending on what name you choose to use.)

    I want you to understand that I did not slander you, or your husband on this website. I simply asked for DUPED5272 to email me so that I could give her the infomation on your husbands positive HIV status. You, and other chose to blow up that site. I wanted to try to contact her because, it was my job as a human being to let another human being know that they are in danger. This had nothing to do with you. It was all about the man that you chose to be your husband, and the women he chose to expose to his disease.

    I am very confused as to how you can tell the women who have been with your husband sexually, that it's their fault that they have been exposed because they believed what your husband told them.

    Isn't that true for you too?

    From reading what you have written on this website, you have done much research on Nigerians and the scams that they are involved in.

    Shouldn't YOU have "had enough sense to steer clear" as well?

    The difference between you and them? They didn't willingly accept having sex with him, as their death sentence.

    You're right though, reporting him for HAVING HIV is silly, as I'm sure that the health department in your city is aware of his status. Or ARE they?


    Oh, and just so you know, it's only slander if, that which is being said, isn't true.

    It is clear that you do not deny the allegations.

    Also, I see that you have contacted the "District Attornies (sic) office," I wasn't aware that they kept Saturday hours.

    Good luck to you, as I truely believe you're going to need it.
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    lets really be honest here! tawni, you have the nerve to condemn others for posting and talking crap, but what are you doing? youre no different! youre bad mouthing someone who was brave enough to post something that needed to be shared..this is about what your husband has done not what balogun has done! and more power to her for exposing these people! and having ill will toward anybody? really? austin took advantage of everyone and told a really sad and believing story to all concerned! and i know it was michelle, your daughter, that is your one and only supporter on this forum. You are to blame for alot of this, knowing his health status and yet you didnt bother mentioning it when you contacted every woman under the sun. you are not as innocent as you want to make people think. you were fully aware of his scamming when you married him and you were fully aware of his scamming even after you were married, you were fully aware of his extramarital affairs, so drop the act! you dont know everyone that was hurt by your "husband" so how dare you call them bitter hags! they, we, are all hurt women, who also fell for a scammers lie! you are with him because you are embarrassed to finally admit that you have spent so much money on that man! you are a desperate woman in need of being in a relationship, no matter how disfunctional. be old are you? and how old is he? come on?? wake up! was he looking for a grandmother figure..i think not! he will never, ever stop what he is doing no matter how many times he professes his undying love to you! he knows you wont leave him no matter what he does, youve already proven that, so, why shouldnt he keep the scam going on with you! you are still being scammed, just admit it and move the heck on already! ALL YOU WOMEN THAT HAVE HAD A RELATIONSHIP, WHETHER LONG OR BRIEF WITH AUSTIN ILEABOYA, GET TESTED! AND EVEN IF IT COMES OUT NEGATIVE, TEST AGAIN! PLEASE! YOU ARE THE VICTIMS, NOT BITTER HAGS! YOU ALL FELL IN LOVE WITH A MAN THAT LIED. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE ANYONE, WHETHER THEY SLEPT WITH AUSTIN THE FIRST NIGHT THEY MET OR THE 10TH NIGHT, THEY ARE STILL VICTIMS! YES, LIFE WILL GO ON, AND AS TIME PASSES THE PAIN WILL FINALLY GO AWAY..SLOWLY BUT SURELY, YOU WILL ALL HEAL!
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    I said I contacted someone with the
    District Attorney office...she works for them, but thanks for informing me of their office hours. Since you hide your name, who knows what supposedly valid info you have. I contacted you twice yesterday at the given address and you didn't reply, so yeah, you seem like a reliable source. My husband is legal in this country. He passed requirements for his visa and green card. I suppose next we will be hearing how all people americans, etc, should be deported. Where is your heart for people with illnesses? Where is your heart at all? I suppose you think all immigrants in general should be not allowed in the country if they don't fit YOUR definition of human being. You are a sick individual. I have regular health care as does my husband, we are both healthy and other then that it is none of your business. Go clean up your life before you focus on others. You are a horrible person and I feel nothing but contempt for you.
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    Duped5272 does NOT equal his wife. Only a woman he has been with. I am very very sorry for this (TI)
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    I wasn't stupid. I havent been with other men so if I have an STD it will be from him. I am not a whiner also, so I truly hope that wasn't a reference to me. I have apologized as much as I can for being with him. As you well know I was unaware he was married and when he said he was clean I believed, I know you can't believe everything people tell you and that is definately a hard lesson I have learned.

    Again I am sorry for all the pain this has cause you just4me4know. God Bless u. And I pray he will be with me too.
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    I do hide my name. However, I am being honest when I tell you that I have not hidden behind MANY screen names on THIS site, as you have.

    I did not respond to the email that you wrote to me last night because I am not stuck to the computer at all times. I do have a life, and you should get one as well.

    No one said that your husband is here illegally, where are you getting that from? So he's legal. And?
    He also is illegally speading the HIV virus, and YOU are not being honest to those women who he has exposed.

    Your holier than thou attitude is unbelievable, disgusting and sad.

    This was never the point for me. I posted to one person, because I felt it was my "duty" to do so.

    The point was never to get in to a discussion with you at all, or even to hurt you in any way. I wanted to help, and I stand behind my decision to do so.

    Call me and others whatever you choose, but it is a fact that all you are trying to do is camoflauge the fact that your husband is a sick, twisted individual with no regard for human life.
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    Wow, this has turned ugly. I just want to say the I am grateful for the HIV information. I will be tested soon, and I pray to God that I test negative. I want to make one thing very clear, just because i had a thing with austin didnt make me promiscuous, I wasnt out at the bars looking for a man to pick me up. We met, and it went from there. I understand your'e trying to blame us but you need to blame him. He shouldve said that he was a carrier of a life threatening disease. Im sure if he wouldve said that, no one on this site plus those havent posted wouldnt have slept with him period! we all wouldve run, fast! after reading the long post from either a friend or a family member of yours, i know it wasnt you because the writing was much better, I did notice that she neglected to say that austin is not hiv positive, Only that immigration was fully aware of his health status. That sounds like a positive status if you ask me. as far as slander, I too have a relative that works for the DA's office and slander is when whats being said is untrue and as far as i can tell, everything here is pretty accurate. Stories match, you havent denied his hiv status, only that it is your business! no, sweetie, its no longer only your business! its everyones that has been exposed business now. Since i know that ive told nothing but the truth on this site, i have no issues with having the "slander" term thrown around. It is, however, illegal for someone knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS, and it can be punishible by law. His immigration status isnt set in stone, and any illegal act such as knowingly infecting others can and hopefully will get him deported. if you love him that much you can follow him back to his country and be his supporting wife there. I feel very sorry for you, maybe i should say i feel pity for you.
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    Let me rephrase that statement of haven't been with other men. I meant other men since Austin. And I KNOW I was clean before that. I am praying this is all untrue and I am still clean. I have children and grandchildren how to explain to them about this.
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    a few clarifications..tawni, you said your husband has regular health check ups? thats funny because he doesnt have health insurance, does he? odd is that.being able to get regular checks ups without coverage and why would he need regular check ups unless he had an illness...oh, but mentioned something about having a heart for people with illnessess..right? what illness would that be? HIV? youve admitted it, without actually coming out and saying know if you put it in writing that he is not hiv positive its going to come back and bite you in the ass! youre daughter had no problem saying you were negative but not Austin.. because you and your family in fact did know or do know rather..and funny thing, has anyone picked up on the age group that austin hits??? he is in his 30's, if not late 20's and he's set his sites on "older" women, with grown kids and, no wonder he is able to get so many women, he makes them feel wanted and young again. a scammer til the end! get tested everyone, including you, tawni..and go pour yourself another drink!
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    I am only 38 not much older than him. wasn't in the bar to meet anyone. Was there with family and friends when he approached ME. I had only been to the bars maybe four times before then. Not a bar whore. Not a whore for that matter. Just an everyday hardworking loving mother/grandmother who was definately fooled and not cause I needed someone to make me feel loved.

    not all my kids are grown,My oldest will only be 18 in a week.
    i have three younger than them.
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    Please know that my true intention was to let you know in private. You have NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER to defend yourself on this site. You have done NOTHING wrong. Nothing. Is it you who is trying to contact me through email? I have not answered, as I do not know if it is you, or Austins wife. Are you DUPED5272 and Duped5272?
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    Just curious I know you? With what you are posting, I have a feeling you know me. Please contact me at the email address I gave. It's a confidential email. Thanks for defending me. I honestly have only posted from this name and I dont hide who I am. I have no clue who sent me this link and sorry now that I got sucked into this. I am not the evil person people are trying to say and as for Maryellen, she has not even looked at this site. She is an innocent person who is being degraded for no reason. She was a victim like all of us. Please leave the poor woman alone.
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    I appologize duped, didnt mean any disrespect to you whatsoever. I think we are losing site of the real issue. Austin hurt alot of women, everyone is angry because of being hurt and taken advantage of. also, the fact that so many lives can be affected by his actions, especially if the HIV issue is true. All anyone can really do is get tested, not only once, several times. I do know that HIV can take years to pop its ugly little head up, unfortunately. What I also know is that even though you may test negative, it can be a false negative for a long while but you can still spread the virus. That is directly from the CDC website.
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