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Moving to Pinelands, Capetown - transport, accommodaiton advice?

edited February 2010 in - Southern Africa
I got a job offer in 15 Alexandra road,pine lands, Capetown for two years.
I am basically from India. I am planning to move alone without bringing family now.
I would like to know secured cheap transportation available to commute in pin elands/Capetown.
I would like to know how much it will be costing for basic sharing accommodation with security per month.
which place in Capetown is secured to stay.
Kindly suggest me as I am coming to Cape town leaving my kids and my wife for a job.
I got an offer of R333172 per year.
Is that will be sufficient to live there and save R15000 Per month and how much amount will go for tax.
Thanks in advice


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    Firstly, take a look at this Cape Town expat guide - it has lists of prices, taxes, areas to live, etc. Will give you a much clearer idea of where you are moving to.

    Your salary is quite good - around R27 000 per month but after taxation you will have R20 000 so it will be hard to save much more than R10 000 per month.

    I would suggest staying in Observatory which is close to Pinelands and with lots of student type accommodation, cheap at R1500 sharing p/month. Otherwise stay in Pinelands itself.

    Read the guide and let me know if you need more info.
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    Observatory may may be cheap and close to Pinelands, but it's dangrous, full of dodgy characters and rife with crime.

    As David said, Pinelands itself is a good area - great schools, good shopping centre and very pretty, but a lot depends on your budget of course. There are blocks of flats, small townhouses and apartments here you can rent.

    Public transport in Cape Town is limited, and it might be advisable to look into getting yourself a small car for commuting, though trains and buses are affordable and reliable. (most of the time)

    Other good areas nearby include Little Mowbray and Rosebank (Alexandra Road is 5 minutes from here - you could even walk!) Look on to get an idea of rental prices in these areas (southern suburbs)

    good luck!
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    Thank you very much for the information.

    My employers are cutting tax of R1569 per month and Employee PF of R 1224+Employer PF R1224 and annual bonus payout of R 2041/Month in dummy payslip I recieved.

    Finally giving net salary per month R 23620 and gross of R 26539.

    Apart from this (R 1569/Month)is there any further income tax?

    looking forward
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    Your tax structure makes no sense to me as i have never heard of Employee PF ... but if they are guaranteeing you get R23630 net that's not too bad.. The only other tax you pay is VAT (sales tax) on purchases. Depending on how long you stay in the country for, you may be able to get a portion of your tax refunded to you. Ask your company's accountant for help with this.
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    Hi there

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