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Travel from Ireland to Ukraine by car!

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Hi everyone, I have a small headache here, I am Ukrainian national but living in Ireland for last 7 years, I would like to ask for some information, I would like to travel from Ireland to Ukraine by car, and not sure which documents do I need I know that I need a visa(Schengen Visa) definately but in which country should I apply for it? Ireland and Ukraine are not Schengen member I dont know what should I really do and what do I need? May be there is some one who has travelled before to Ukraine from Ireland or Great Britain, please help me....I appreciate any help from everybody. Thanks in advance.

Vitaliy Karayim.


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    Hi there, I am also from Ukraine living in Ireland but unfortunately I didn't travel by car to Ukraine. the information you are looking for you can look up on There are other Ukrainians on that forum they might help as I am sure some of them do travel by car. L.
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    Thanks a lot for the information on travelling matters...sure, i will check that web site!
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    I HAVE TRAVELLED TO UKRAINE BY MOTORBIKE A FEW TIMES. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A PROPER GREEN CARD TO COVER YOU FOR UKRAINE.sorry didn't mean to use capitals.. customs are friendly enough but very slow.

    you will need all your original documents. plus some 5 euro notes can be handy when talking to people... but not at the border.
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    hi i need some help too, i am on work permit in london, and i would like to go and visit my girlfriend in ukraine , chenigov do i need schengen visa for it, and it would be really helpful if you can tell if she want to visit me in london does she need schengen visa or normal visa and what documents do i have to provide for my self if i want to visit ukraine much help will be appreciated thank you.
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    Hi, if you hold a European Union or US or Canada passport, you do not need a visa to enter and stay in Ukraine for 90 days.

    If you are not a national of those countries, you should apply for a Ukrainian visa.
    The presence of a Schengen visa in your passport does not matter at all for Ukrainian border ans customs guard.

    If you need to have a list of documents for getting a Ukraine visa, visit our web site at and find the contacts of Ukrainian embassy in your country.
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    car insurance in Ukraine > calculator:
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