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Florida holiday - best resort town?

edited February 2010 in - USA
Ola, I am wanting to find a good town in Florida for some mid-year partying. I have looked at Naples, Clearwater, even Daytona. Where is best beaches with good social life nearby. I also need accommodation for 4 people, in a beach house or something, around $500 all in per day MAX.


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    You should definitely look into Panama City Beach. It is one of the most popular beach resorts in the world!

    Some of the things that you can expect to do are:

    1. relax on the clean, white, sandy beaches
    2. water sports like scuba diving and fishing
    3. party! there are some seriously cool party spots.

    I took the liberty of looking for some accommodation for you... check out

    If that doesn't help then it might point you in the right direction.
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    Panama city beach is the best to is famous beach in the world.
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    Ocean Palm Hotel St. Petersburg florida is the best place to visit your holidays.......last summer i go there and enjoy a lot...........................You should try too................
  • john is right, thanks john
  • i think days inn kissimmee is the best hotel in Fl.  b'coz it is near Clermont congo river golf, Clermont fun spot usa, Clermont the legends golf course.....
  • Your can go for south beach. Its most popular holiday destination.
  • Florida is best place to visit.There are many beautiful and historical places which are attract to the can see there are lot of luxury and affordable places according to your budget.
  • I think its fair to assume you have not been to Florida, Raubymartin as is not known for its "beautiful and historical places" its famous for such things as Disney World, fabulous beaches, wildlife, the Everglades, Epcot Centre and the Kennedy Space Centre.
  • I went to Panama City Beach, which is in Florida. I love this place so much. There are so many things which i can do it and enjoyed so much.
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