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bad fall - who is liable?

edited February 2010 in - Egypt
i had a bad fall in Egypt in july 2008. There was spillge on the floor at the bar which was where i fell and tore three ligaments in my knee. I spent the last 3 days of my holiday in a wheelchair then came home, i have been in plaster, a knee brace and crutches, 2 operations, constant physiotherapy and constant pain since this accident. I also found myself pregnant in between and struggled throughout. I have not been at work since the accident and am told i have little hope of returning for at least a year because my knee is too unstable and requires further surgery. My savings have all gone so now i am unable to buy my own property and am stuck renting.................... I have tried to bring a case against first choice for the hotel being negligent but am informed that Egypt have no standards as we do in that what we call a 5* hotel doesnt necessarily mean that they are, therefore First Choice are not at fault... i am furious that First choice were able to sell a holiday that has damaged me for life and yet not be held responsible. Surely there must be something in law to protect the public from this pass the book mentality and to stop so called reputable holiday companies from selling or using false advertising their 5* rated holidays to the public and surely they have a duty to their customers to inform them of the same....... please help.


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    I think you can go to Tourism Minster web site & they will help you.
    Did you booked with a travel agent or ou was by yourself?
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