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Tornado season in Kansas?

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Hey y'all

I'm travelling to Kansas City next month March and I want to know when the tornado season is, if there is one at all?
I've never been to Kansas before. How does it work? When a tornado hits what's the usual drill and what's it like?
I'm pretty intrigued by the whole deal, but also pretty scared...

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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    I am from KS. Tornados come and go, you can't predict when. have media hype to make people crazy. Yes, bad ones do occur, but they are rare. The are something we live with. All homes, major buildings have either basements or tornado security areas. If a tornado was headed your way, there would be warnings to give you time to enter these locations. If you were driving, most people stop at an exit with hotels, take advantage of emergency facilities. Only those who don't adhere to warnings get "caught". Probably there is more of a chance for you to be hurt in your car. Where in KS are you going? Don"t miss Kansas City. If you are there in Oct. don't miss the American Royal. Look at it online. The famous Santa Fe Trail, Poney Express, and many other trails started in KS or MO.
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    April thru June is when we get tornados hope this is more helpfull and I live in Kansas also but Chrissy nice try ur info wasn't that helpful.
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    Hey i would add the tornado season is from march to june; usually the spring. You can have tornados any time of the year they just happen more in spring. I live in missouri and in may there seems to be more tornados then any other month.
    By the way there was a tornado in missouri today. There is also a second smaller tornado seaon in fall. Sept/Oct. Anytime the weather changes air masses there is a possiblity of tornados; except in winter where tornados are less frequent.
    hope u have a great time to the place..
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