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Ok to enter with expired US passport?

edited February 2010 in - Jamaica
Is it true that I can still enter Jamaica if my US passport is expired?? Do I need a visa? most countries immigration flip out if your passport is anything less than 6 months due to expiry so Jamaica sounds like a pretty friendly place..


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    It's true: expired passports of up to 1 year are accepted for both US and Canadian citizens. And no visa is required for stays of up to 6 months! Hell, for Canadians they'll even accept a driving license. These are the most mellow immigration officials in the world.
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    Can a US citizen whose passport expired while abroad travel back to US with the expired passport?
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    @CAPT - yes, you are always entitled to enter your own country, although you will get a grilling from security, and taken to a little room where they'll check carefully why you've been travelling on an expired passport.
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    My 6 year old son just traveled to Jamaica with his dad yesterday. Both are US citizens. After their arrival his dad noticed that my son's passport is expired. Will they have trouble coming back, or is it still true that you can enter your own country on an expired passport? I was reading on another website that you have to get it renewed and possibly miss your flight back if you don't get it renewed in time.
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    I was supposed to travel with my son tomorrow back to the USA to realized yesterday his passport is expired. When I called the embassy I was told he can not leave Jamaica and that he needs to wait until the next appt at the end of August!
    Is this true? Is it possible I am stuck for two month here?
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    Hi Cindy, what passport do you both hold?
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