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Visa to croatia

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Hi i am Abdirizak living in kenya i would like to travel to croatia for tour and seminar by 5th march this year. We don't have croatian embassy here in my country so please tell me the best way to obtain my travel visa to croatia.


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    Ha I am Isaac Kanguya a Zambian citizen. I will be travelling to Croatia in the second week of September 2011 for a conference on Tourism and Media in Zagreb. We dont have Croatian embassy in Zambia please help me on the best way i can obtain a visa to travel to croatia
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    My wife and I will be visiting Dubrovnic and Split in April 2012 on a cruise on Queen Victoria. As South African citizens, do we need a visa for our one day visits to each port ?
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    And you must remember until quite recently restrictions were hard for Croatians too. I had a friend from Croatia who despite paying for a university education for 4 years in Britain...was refused a visa when she tried to return to the UK after a holiday. And that was only three years ago!!! If you are going for the Croatian tourism, but want to take a short course of study which is recreational, and the course is less than 18 hours per week, you may be able to do so on a visitor visa. If your course of study is 18 hours or more a week, you will need a student visa. When traveling to the Croatia to attend seminars or conferences for credit towards a degree, then you'll need a student visa.

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