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Portugese resort location with kids from NZ

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We are heading to the UK in July for a month and thought a week in Portugal would be a nice "holiday" break. Can anyone recomend:
Where's the best area?
Great kids friendly resort?
Best way to get there from UK
Cheers NZ Chris


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    Can you clarify? Didn't quite get it - 'you're heading to the Uk in July' & 'best way to get there from the Uk'?
    You mentioned kids? Like 3 months or 3 years old? 3 kids or 30 kids?
    Sorry, doesn't make sense.
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    Hi to calrify
    The clidren are 6 and 10 and I was looking for advise on the best way to get to Portugal from the UK. Ie is train a good option or are flights. And as far as resort goes I was keen to get an idea of a good area for holidying with Chidren for relaxation and a bit of siteseeing.
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    You just came to the right place. Portugal is a great destination!
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    Hi Chris185NZ
    In answer to your question re: child friendly resorts in Portugal in July
    The Southern part of Portugal Algarve has loads of resorts most with kiddy clubs, beautiful beaches and July is a great month temperature wise. Albufeira area is very popular and busy with many U.K tour operators based there. For a resort more Portuguese but still popular with tourists and child friendly Lagos (western algarve) is a great destination. To get to the ALgarve from the U.K best way is flights (Algarve airport is Faro) and there are loads of charter companies with competitive prices, best to book now in advance and maybe check when u.k school holidays start as prices shoot up then! Enjoy.
    Local Kiwi
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    Eastern Algarve also very worthwhile for a visit.
    Beautiful scenery and you get to experience the 'real algarve', with fishing villages and restaurants serving traditional Portuguese dishes.
    Fabulous beaches with plenty of space for kids to play in gently shelving warm sea.
    Tavira is the main town, with other resorts such as Olhao and Fuzeta becoming popular.
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    I also recommend Algarve in southern portugal. As far as hotels you can go to they have a selection family friendly hotels and resorts in Portugal, all with kids clubs
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    Any resort in Algarve will be good; some are quieter than others. For a quiet resort with fantastic beaches try Gale, just west of Albufeira. Also close to Albufeira sea world and water park and other attractions.
    To get their from UK use a budget airline such as or with direct flights into Faro from many uk cities taking 2 to 3 hours depending on departure airport. Flying scheduled airlines means at least one change in lisbon and can take up to 10 hours.
    Even budget airline prices will not be cheap in July as it is school holidays time so high demand means higher prices. Book as early as possible. You can even book accommodation and hire cars through the budget airlines. I always use Easjet for fliights and car hire. Easyjet cars are supplied by Europcar but at a substantiial discount to Europcar's normal rack rate and the cars I have been supplied with have normally been only a few months old and no hidden charges; however optional insurance to cover the excess (which can be very high) can also be very expensive. Cheaper to obtain cover in respect of the excess before you arrive through specialst company.
    Finding way around Algarve by car is not difficult as basically there is only one motorway that travels east to west and parallel to the coast and you simply follow the road signs and turn off motorway to your resort. I would also reserve a car ASAP as there is likely to be a shortage of hire cars in July and August in Algarve as Hire Companies have reduced their fleets in the light of downturn in economy and fewer visitors last year.
    With two young children I would also recommend self catering in a resort, with a pool for the kids, as eating out all the time can be expensive in Portugal but in any event most restauarants have Kiddies Menus.
    Hope the above helps
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