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Use of Prepaid Cash Cards in Tunisia

edited February 2010 in - North Africa
My wife and I are having a two weeks holiday in Tunisia from 12 to 26 April 2010 and I would like to know if Prepaid Cash Cards can be used in Tunis. Also how will the weather be at that time - warm or cold?


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    Hi, I Ms Dorsaf CHERIF , Marketing Department rom VISIT TUNISIA tRAVEL AGENCY.

    Normally, You can use Prepaid cash cards in Tunisia nad the weather on April is warm.
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    Hi I am planning a trip to tunisia, i am female and am going alone..i read somehwere that contraceptives arent allowed?....i am on birth control does that mean this wont be allowed to taek with me...please advise?....I will be going there for one week to meet a man that i have had an internet relationsjip for for one year now....please advise. I did pick up your email address on one of the comments in which i will forward an email to you to ask a question or two....i am planning my trip very soon...thanxs!
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    Canadian - please please be very cautious!!! There are a number of good sites and forums in regard to Tunisian men in the 'bezness'. go to and You will find out lots of information there. One piece of advice - do not stay with him. Book a hotel by yourself for yourself and then you can decide whether it's safe to go forward or not. Yes, you can take medication into Tunisia. I take medication in with me but I always have a doctors letter explaining the medication and what condition I take it for. The contraceptive can always be described as hormone treatment LOL Be happy to have an email from you and give you as much advice as I can
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