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Can i get visa with drug convictions?

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hi, i am wanting to travel to tunisia next year, but i have convictions for possession of cannabis for supply, yes a stupid mistake that i am still paying for, i have tried to find out on the internet if i can travel there with no problems or if my convictions will not allow me to. i know because i come from new zealand that i need a visa, so if someone has some answers for me i would really appreciate it. thanks


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    I have seen copies of the Tunisia visa application form and there no requirement to disclose convictions... I would apply for visa via a service like and see how you go. If you have a valid passport and a visa, you're in.
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    Littletom1 - I agree with David, you shouldn't have a problem......however, why not contact one of the larger travel agents in NZ such as Flight Centre (I think they operate there) and have them assist with the visa documentation. They will send it all to the embassy in Japan (yes, that's where NZ applications go lol) and organise everything for you.
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    thanks so much for ur help, my friend now tells me she wants to go to egypt on our visit so i hope they visa for there is the same. thanks again,
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    littletom1 - you are in luck. NZ passport holders do not need a pre-arrival visa, you can get one on arrival at the airport.
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    I have booked to go to Skanes, Tunisia with my partner and 2 sons in June. I booked through a popular travel agent, however I was not told that we would need a travel visa.

    Can sombody please advise exactly what I need to enter Tunisia? And where I get this from?

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    Toner - it will depend on what passports you are travelling on as to whether you need a visa or not. If you hold British/American passports you do not need a visa and can have up to 3/4 months visa free. If from Australia you can get your visa on arrival, if from NZ then you need a pre-arrival visa. Your travel agent however, should be able to organise a visa for you if you require one.
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