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Best way to take money to USA?

edited March 2010 in - USA
I am going on a trip to the US and want to know what is the best way to take money: I guess its some combination of cash dollars, credit card, travellers cheques and money card. What do you guys advise? I really want to avoid big charges or comissions wherever possible. I've heard using your credit card to draw cash is a bad idea as they charge a fee, plus a give you bad exchange rate. Cash is obviously risky, and travellers cheques a pain in the ass. Has anyone used a travel wallet? How much does it cost?

Thanks for any help!


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    I think the credit card is the best. You do pay a fee, but it is not enough to not use this method of getting money in the USA. Travelor's Checks are the thing of the past, and would be a headache in my opinion. You can also put money on a debit credit card, similar to a "gift card" and then use it. The nice thing about this is that no one can use it if lost or stolen. However, it is a little more expensive than normally withdrawing from your own credit card. I wuld take enough money to last your 1st day, then use your credit card. In the USA you can use the credit card almost everywhere. Chances are you won't have to withdraw much cash. Taxi's, and tips newspapers, etc... this sort of thing would require cash. Otherwise we are pretty much a "plastic card" society. 8-) Crissy
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