2 day KIU course in Dar es Salaam

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I'm going to Dar es Salaam mid September 2010. Does anyone know about a 2 day familiarisation couse run by an organisation called KIU at the Salvation Army Hostel in Mgulani, Dar. I'd like to know what day of the week the course begins and how I can book a place. Any info welcome. Thank you.


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    The website to check out is www.swahilicourses.com or send an e-mail to kiu@swahilicourses.com. Best Wishes!
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    Thanks Chika for you suggestion. I made contact in Feb with KIU via the website you cited and have booked a language and culture course. They do not do 2 day courses so mine is 8 hrs over two days 1:1.
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