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Does anybody know MIR TRAVEL COMPANY in S. Petersburg, Russia?

I have been trying to find someone who knows Mir Travel Company based in St. Petersburg.
Thanks for any help!!


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    Hi, Olivia. This is their website: . If you want to know more about them, check with the Russian Ministry of Tourism or with Russian companies with offices in US, such as: . It depends on what you want to know about Mir and why you need them for. Kind regards, Ana
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    Thanks a lot, Ana!
    Have you heard of this agency?
    I haven´t found any reviews about them!!
    Kind regards,
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    I just booked a custom tour through their Seattle office for 5 days in St Petersburg for next month. I have been very happy so far with the level of professionalism of my tour specialist. I did a lot of research and interacted with 4 other operators before deciding to go with Mir. Frommers recommends them, and I have read other good references in independent travel guides. Best of luck to you.
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    I have traveled several times with MIR. Let me start out by saying that I detest traveling in groups, but MIR is completely different. They are FANTASTIC. I wouldn't travel with anyone else. I've gone to Russia and Romania with them, and the experience was incredible. I would have no reservations whatsoever about booking with this company. Have a fun time!
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    There are two travel agencies named MIR and some the comments above clearly relate to one, or the other, or do not clearly which agency they refer to. The one based in St. Petersburg is at The one based in Seatle is at Based on each's self description it seems clear that they are unrelated.
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