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Bermuda: is a passport required?

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Am I able to travel from the US to bermuda for a vacation of 4 days with just a drivers license and birth certificate, or must I have a passport /card ?


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    It depends on your nationality - if US citizen, then drivers license is ok.
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    don't know when you visited Bermuda, but they are much stricter now. a passport is required. My husband works there and says airport security is much more serious.
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    what if you are going on a cruise there that requires no airline. do you still need passport.
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    My new husband & I are going on a cruise to the bahamas for our honeymoon. I have a passport, but he doesn't. Does he need a passport or a passport card in order to be able to go?
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    You and anyone with you need either your individual passport or your individual birth certificate.

    It does not matter if you are flying or cruising or doing the doggy-paddle - you must be able to prove your own individual U.S. citizenship, whenever you travel outside the 50 states.

    Even if you don't need it though, it costs $75 for a passport - why not just get it and have it with you, just in case? Makes sense.
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    Does a landed immigrant in canada needs a visa to bermuda?
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