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currency exchange

edited March 2010 in - Mexico
We will be traveling to Puerto Vallarts, Mexico and would like to know where the best place is to exchange currency. Is it best to exchange in the US before we leave or wait until we arrive in Mexico?


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    I believe it is best to change a few dollars at the airport. Enough to get you to your hotel, tips, etc.... Then, I use my credit card at the ATM and exchange money. It is safer to NOT have lots of cash on you. I take out 2 days worth. This way you do not over spend, or take out too much. Usually you can use your credit card to pay for everything. The only things you can't use your credit card for are tips, misc small items such as gum, icecream, beach foods, etc. Otherwise you can use your credit card. The exchange rates are not that steep to make you crazy about the exchanges. It is more stressful to worry about all the exchanges. Just be sure to ALWAYS use an ATM associated with a bank. Do not exchange money at a hotel. worst rates. Read a guide book to tell you where to exchange for PV. Let's Go, or Rough Guides do a good job explaining the $$. Go to a bookstore and look at those chapters.
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